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Minnesota law enforcement cover-up

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 21, 2017 at 5:41 P.M. CST

Public records strongly suggests Minnesota law enforcement does not possess the skull of Jacob Wetterling.


Jacob Wetterling

If that is a fact – it effectively means members of law enforcement and the judicial community criminally conspired to stage the missing child’s recovery, and presented the public with a false confession from Danny Heinrich, so the case could be officially closed.

The ‘skull’ is imperative to the truth about Jacob because:

  • Heinrich said he shot Jacob in the head
  • Heinrich said he buried Jacob
  • Heinrich said he moved Jacob’s remains a year later including the “skull”

Evidence already part of the record shows law enforcement does not have the child’s skull, and in all reality, possess no remains of the child – only planted scraps of clothing and animal bones.

If the recovery of Jacob Wetterling is a lie – it is a huge lie that involves police, sheriffs, BCA, FBI, prosecutors, and judges.

I am going to walk you right though it.

The following is from Heinrich’s confession in court.


MR. SCHLEICHER: After you dug the grave with the Bobcat, what did you do?
THE DEFENDANT: I placed Jacob in the grave, and then I covered it back up with the Bobcat.
MR. SCHLEICHER: Okay. And was Jacob wearing all of his clothing at the time.
THE DEFENDANT: Yes, he was.
MR. SCHLEICHER: And can you describe what you recall clothing he was wearing?
THE DEFENDANT: His reflective vest, his red jacket, blue sweat pants. Tennis shoes came off when I put him into the grave, so I threw them — I didn’t bury them with him in the grave.

– – –

MR. SCHLEICHER: After you dug the grave with the Bobcat, what did you do?
THE DEFENDANT: I placed Jacob in the grave, and then I covered it back up with the Bobcat.
MR. SCHLEICHER: Okay. And was Jacob wearing all of his clothing at the time.
THE DEFENDANT: Yes, he was.
MR. SCHLEICHER: And can you describe what you recall clothing he was wearing?
THE DEFENDANT: His reflective vest, his red jacket, blue sweat pants. Tennis shoes came off when I put him into the grave, so I threw them — I didn’t bury them with him in the grave.

– – –


You have seen Heinrich’s testimony that Jacob’s body and clothes were buried on October 22, 1989.

As part of a plea deal in 2016, which included Heinrich would NOT be charged with Jacob’s murder, and would see counts of child pornography dropped, he told a Minnesota judge that he returned to Jacob’s grave about year after murdering the child and found a item of clothing uncovered.

Heinrich claims he returned to the body, and brought a “plastic bag” and “army entrenching tool”. Upon arriving at the grave, Heinrich said he “noticed” the grave was partially uncovered.

This means Heinrich is saying he took a flashlight, walked to Jacob’s grave, with a plastic bag, whereupon he “noticed” the grave was partially uncovered. That alone defies common sense logic, and the chronological decisions he is making are mixed up and out of order.

But there is one statement Heinrich made that cannot be changed. Heinrich said he placed Jacob’s “jacket” “bones” and “skull” into the bag that he brought with.

Heinrich said he never did any digging at all because it was already that uncovered.


THE DEFENDANT: I didn’t drive. I walked back again. I walked back. It was late at night again, probably around midnight, with a flashlight. I noticed — I shined the area and noticed that the grave was partially uncovered. You could see his red jacket.
MR. SCHLEICHER: Above the ground?
THE DEFENDANT: Above the ground.

MR. SCHLEICHER: All right. Did that cause you concern, that you could see the jacket?
THE DEFENDANT: Yes, it did.
MR. SCHLEICHER: What did you do?
THE DEFENDANT: I, I, I can’t remember. I had a bag with me, a garbage bag. I placed as many – his jacket, his bones, his skull into that bag to move. I figure I’ve got to move it.
MR. SCHLEICHER: You had a shovel with you?
THE DEFENDANT: I had an army entrenching tool with me.
MR. SCHLEICHER: So you dug up as many of the remains as you could gather?
THE DEFENDANT: I never dug any. It was already that uncovered.

You saw the evidence yourself – Heinrich said he moved the “skull” and Jacob’s (human) bones to another location.


The following is from the Searh Warrant.

“On August 31, 2016 a search warrant was executed at 27725 Business 23 East Paynesville Stearns County. During that search a red nylon jacket preliminary consistent with the jacket Jacob Wetterling was wearing at the time of his abduction, bone fragments, and teeth were recovered. Later examination by experts determined neither the teeth nor bones were human. Heinrich was present at 27725 23 East during the execution of the initial search warrant. He provided additional information referencing an initial burial site near where he assaulted and killed Jacob Wetterling. At a later time, approximately a year later, Heinrich moved the remains from the original scene 27725 Business 23 East. Law enforcement now request authority to return to 27725 for more extensive examination.”

Expert determined the teeth and bones were not human.


The August 31, 2016 warrant makes reference to Heinrich mentioning an “initial burial site” during the search – and Heinrich claiming he “moved the remains from the original scene 27725 Business 23 East”.

For some reason, the officer then requests a second warrant, which is simply a request to return to the address of the first warrant.

On September 2, 2016, law enforcement conducted a second search.

The officer states, “I took into custody the property and things listed below.”

  • Apparent Bones
  • Boy’s t-shirt with name Wetterling on it
  • Mesh Shirt
  • Miscellaneous Fabric

Here is what the Star-Tribune reported on September 4, 2016.

The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office said Saturday that dental records confirmed that the remains were Jacob’s. Additional DNA testing will be conducted by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

The Wetterlings have filed a lawsuit to have investigation records sealed.

Visit to learn about a detailed confession taken with two police officers present, that strongly suggests law enforcement and the Wetterlings have known for decades what happened to Jacob, who did it, and have conspired to cover it up while running a fraudulent Foundation in Jacob’s name.


by Timothy Charles Holmseth on August 14, 2016, 8:56 A.M. CST

On August 10, 2016, Timothy Charles Holmseth submitted a Petition to the United States District Court – District of North Dakota, for an Injunction against every agency known to have collected records and video in the police shooting of David James Elliott.

Nelson Plummer Rost


United States District Court

District of North Dakota


Timothy Charles Holmseth



City of Grand Forks/Grand Forks Police Department, University of North Dakota/University of North Dakota Police Department, State of North Dakota/North Dakota Highway Patrol, County of Grand Forks/Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office, Grand Forks County PSAP, Altru Health Systems











PETITIONER is not an attorney.

Due to that fact, PETITIONER previously and improperly petitioned the U.S. Court in the District of Minnesota on this matter – Case Number 16-CV-2496 (JRT/LIB. That Petition was subsequently dismissed Without Prejudice due to jurisdiction related matters.

The Judge in the Minnesota filing stated that by “all appearances” the action could have been filed in the U.S. Court – District North Dakota under 28 U.S. Code 1391.

PETITIONER was provided court forms by the U.S. Court in Minnesota to apply for permission to proceed Pro Se based upon income. That application was dismissed as MOOT.

PETITIONER requests the Court provide proper application forms for requesting permission from the Court to proceed PRO SE until such time PETITIONER can achieve legal counsel.

PETITIONER request necessary forms to apply for Court permission to have documents served by the U.S. Marshalls.


PETITIONER, Timothy Charles Holmseth, is a citizen of the State of Minnesota and resides at 320 17th Street N.W, Unit 17, East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

RESPONDENTS all reside in the State of North Dakota.

  1. City of Grand Forks/Grand Forks Police Department, 122 South 5th Street, Grand Forks, North Dakota
  2. University of North Dakota/University of North Dakota Police Department, 300 Twamley Hall, 264 Centennial Drive, Grand Forks, North Dakota
  3. Altru Health Systems, 1000 South Columbia Road, Grand Forks, North Dakota
  4. Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office, 122 South 5th Street, Grand Forks
  5. Grand Forks Public Service Access Point, 122 South 5th Street, Grand Forks, North Dakota
  6. Grand Forks States Attorney, 124 South 4th Street, Grand Forks, North Dakota
  7. North Dakota Highway Patrol, 1100 North 47th Street, STE 200, Grand Forks, North Dakota.


PETITIONER believes all wrongful acts, crimes, and torts set forth herein have taken place in the State of North Dakota.

PETITIONER is a resident of East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

PETITIONER believes the United States District Court, District of North Dakota has jurisdiction over the aforementioned Parties and the subject matter stated herein.

PETITIONER believes the North Dakota Federal Court has Venue per 28 U.S. Code 1391.


PETITIONER is a journalist, author, publisher, songwriter, and media specialist.

PETITIONER has been interviewed by the Minneapolis FBI regarding the kidnapping of HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings based upon the FBI’s request for information from PETITIONER’S recorded journalistic interviews with suspects in that case.

PETITIONER was deemed “credible” by Special Agent A.J. Eilerman, Minneapolis FBI.

PETITIONER has received security clearance through the United States Department of Agriculture to enter the secure spaces of a federal facility.

PETITIONER has received first place award from the North Dakota Newspaper Association for reporting and writing.

PETITIONER has participated in a large scale documentary production regarding FBI information pertaining to mass-shooting attacks on Planned Parenthood facilities; and the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.


PETITIONER believes the facts and circumstances that surround this civil action potentially affect the very safety and well being of the national public and national security.

PETITIONER has been notified by the Grand Forks Police Department that said agency intends to destroy police body-cam and dash-cam public records regarding the pursuit and shooting of David James Elliott (hereby referred to as the Elliott Event) that occurred on February 27-28, 2015 in the State of North Dakota.

PETITIONER seeks for the Federal Court to halt any and all destruction of files pertaining to the Elliott Event.

PETITIONER has standing requests for public records from multiple agencies.

PETITIONER is being improperly denied public records by DEFENDANT CITY OF GRAND FORKS/GRAND FORKS POLICE DEPARTMENT (hereby referred to as GFPD).

PETITIONER is seeking the fulfillment of his Public Records requests from all agencies.

All the aforementioned Parties were involved in the Elliott Event and accumulated records regarding the pursuit and shooting.

PETITIONER has been regularly requesting public records from involved agencies regarding the Elliott Event. PETITIONER has paid many applicable fees for said public records.

PETITIONER has been regularly reporting on the Elliott Event at and and and and

PETITIONER has received police-cam evidence from the GFPD that has clearly been altered using a video editor to prevent PETITIONER, and the public, from knowing the true facts and circumstances surrounding the pursuit and police shooting of David James Elliott.

PETITIONER has published a short video that serves as Prima Facie evidence that criminal alterations of police-cams have occurred. PETITIONER is enclosing a CD with this Petition that features the video showing how the body-cams have been altered.

DEFENDANT GFPD via Police Chief Mark Nelson, set forth a “Special Order” on June 26, 2016 to change the retention dates on police-cam evidence in the GFPD’s custody after PETITIONER discovered cam evidence and had been altered to hide criminal and nefarious acts.

PETITONER asserts the “Special Order” was made in bad faith and was done in the act of a Criminal Conspiracy.

RESPONDENT UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA – UNIVERITY OF NORTH DAKOTA POLICE DEPARTMENT (hereby referred to as UNDPD) has provided PETITIONER public records that appear to be altered and/or tampered with.

PETITIONER has been threatened by anonymous persons using voice changing software over the telephone and Web and warned to remove all of his websites or suffer serious consequences. PETITIONER’S children and grandchild have also been threatened.

PETITIONER has obtained evidence that shows RESPONDENT(S) are involved in the commission of state and federal crimes including Conspiracy and Attempted Murder.

RESPONDENT GFPD is planning to destroy evidence for the express purpose that it shows RESPONDENT(s) attempted to murder an unarmed man, David James Elliott; and for the purpose of destroying evidence to avoid prosecution.

PETITIONER argues the following supports an Injunction:

Irreparable Harm: If RESPONDENT destroys the files in question, they will never again be retrievable through RESPONDENT’S Keeper of Records.

Clear Legal Right: PETITIONER has a clear legal right to the files, which are public record.

Consideration of Public Interest: There exists a clear public safety issue connected to this case and the files.

Legal Challenge: The stated basis for RESPONDENT’S decision to destroy the files is subject to legal challenge.


PETITIONER respectfully requests the United States District Court issue an Injunction forbidding the destruction of GFPD IR#201501332 and/or any police-cam evidence until further order of the Court.

The Order further forbids the destruction of any related files held by the University of North Dakota Police Department, Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office, Grand Forks County States Attorney’s office, North Dakota Highway Patrol, Altru Health Systems, and Grand Forks County PSAP.

Very Respectfully Submitted,

Timothy Charles Holmseth

Pro Se





Murder Inc GFPD

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 22, 2016, 10:37 P.M. CST

The Grand Fork Police Department (GFPD) attempted to fool an independent journalist investigating the police shooting of an unarmed man in Grand Forks, North Dakota, by removing critical video images from officer body-cam and replacing it with something else.

Timothy Charles Holmseth, journalist/author/publisher, Write Into Action, has produced a You Tube video showing how the GFPD provided him edited and fraudulent files when responding to public records requests.

Timothy Holmseth has been investigating the police shooting of David James Elliott, and several other cases connected to it, including the mysterious death of Caitlin Jenna Erickson, and the framing of a Somali immigrant, Mohammed Aweis Mohammed.

On June 26, 2016, GFPD police chief Mark Nelson issued a “Special Order” that changed the retention dates of police files, which would create the false appearance that any destruction of the evidence would simply be in keeping with policy.

Timothy Holmseth filed a Motion to the United States District Court – District of Minnesota, requesting an Injunction against multiple agencies including the GFPD, Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office, North Dakota Highway Patrol, University of North Dakota, and Altru Health Systems, that would forbid the destruction of any files related to the case.

On February 28, 2015, Jerad Braaten, a University of North Dakota police officer, unloaded his clip onto David James Elliott, an unarmed man, in the Emergency Room parking lot of Altru Hospital.

The shooting came at the end of a bizarre, two hour long event that involved police following David Elliott up and down I-29 without their emergency lights activated while he remained on the telephone with 911.

Elliott was shot at least three times in the head; multiple times in the body; and relentlessly tazed after being shot (tazed while unconscious) by officers that can be heard yelling “show me your hands” and “stop resisting”.

He miraculously survived.

The shooting was followed by a sinister immediate media blackout that erupted into a all-out battle between regional news stations and law enforcement. Law enforcement refused to tell the public even the most very basic information about the shooting, such as the victim’s name.

Braaten’s decision to shoot Elliott was deemed justified by Grand Forks County States Attorney David Jones after an investigation was completed by the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal investigation (BCI).

The GFPD subsequently hired Braaten.


The truth about what really happened, and why there is now a multi-agency conspiracy to hide the truth, is utterly frightening.

During an independent investigation, Timothy Holmseth discovered records from the BCI showed investigators found Braaten’s officer body-cam underneath his UND squad car (hidden). The dash-cam from Braaten’s car was supposedly never seen because he told investigators he did not put the drive into the camera on the night in question.

Braaten was not even scheduled to work on the night in question, but did, and was not wearing his ‘regular uniform’.

Records never viewed by the public until obtained and published by Write Into Action, reveal Braaten was disciplined in writing by UND police chief Eric Plummer regarding his actions regarding his officer cams. That fact was known to the GFPD some months later when they hired him.

The sinister facts surrounding the case, and the tampering with video footage by the GFPD, shows the police are attempting to hide the fact that Braaten actually attempted to shoot David Elliott approximately 10 minutes prior to the actual shooting at a separate location – but his gun jammed.

That makes the entire event a premeditated attempted murder.

According to a person identifying himself as David James Elliott, Braaten attempted to shoot him while he was parked atop the Columbia Road Bridge in Grand Forks with his hands out the window.

The video from the Columbia Road Bridge is the cam footage that appears to be edited out/replaced, or completely redacted by the GFPD.

BCI records show that an un-spent cartridge from Braaten’s firearm was found atop the Columbia Road Bridge.

Elliott told Write Into Action that Braaten lied to investigators about the cartridge until his “fingerprints” were found on it; he then admitted he had discharged a cartridge while ‘press checking’ his weapon.

David Elliott’s initial flight from the police was very odd, and indicates he knew his life was in danger, and he was trying to get to safety.

Elliott, a man with no criminal record, immediately fled at high speeds when a GFPD officer activated his red lights behind his vehicle. Elliott then called 911 and stayed on the telephone for 107 minutes; until the moment he was shot some two hours later.

The pursuit, shooting, and tampering with evidence indicates the entire event was actually connected to a transnational drug trafficking operation that involved Elliott and police officers.

“Thousands” of pills were found in Elliott’s vehicle by investigators but no charges were ever brought.

Elliott told Write Into Action he is receiving death threats.

More information can be found at

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on July 7, 2016, 10:04 P.M. CST

The U.S. Department of Justice announced today it will monitor the investigation into the fatal police shooting of Philando Castile, which occurred Wednesday in the Twin Cities.

The shooting will be investigated by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA).

Philando Castile

However, concerns about the BCA have been raised in connection with a rape cover-up that involved the BCA.

Write Into Action has acquired documents that show the BCA essentially conspired with officials in the judicial system to cover up the violent rape of a Minnesota teenager that became tangled up with a BCA drug informant.

The details are very disturbing.

Records show the Thief River Falls Police Department’s juvenile investigator, Ginger Alby, received a report from Assistant Pennington County Attorney Steve Moeller on April 6, 2015, that a teenage girl reported she had been repeatedly raped by Christopher Michael Seglem, 19.

Assistant Pennington County Attorney Steve Moeller

Assistant Pennington County Attorney Steve Moeller

In 2015, Seglem was a drug informant working with the BCA and Pennington County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO).

Seglem’s involvement with authorities captured headlines after he duped BCA Agent Ron Woolever and PCSO deputy Kurt Nelson by staging drug buys in the Thief River Falls area and then splitting thousands of dollars worth of drug-buy money with his co-conspirators.

According to police records, the teenage victim told police “Chris Seglem would force her to have sex with him. [The victim] stated he would hit her until she gave in. [The victim] also states this happened more than one time, couple times in his vehicle and 3-4 times at his residence.  [The victim] stated he would do such things like choke her, punch her in the face, and throw things at her such as Play Station III and computer monitor.”

The report goes onto to say Seglem showed the victim a gun he possessed and told her he would go after family.

Evidence shows agents knew Seglem was a career criminal.

Audio interviews between agents and Seglem show Woolever was absolutely livid after learning he had been fooled by Seglem and continuously berated Seglem for being a liar.

Seglem admitted to agents he had maliciously targeted specific people that he didn’t like so he could get them arrested on serious drug charges.


During the interview, Woolever angrily asks Seglem for any information he could give law enforcement that would keep him from going to jail for the scam he’d been running. Seglem then quickly told the agents he had information about a drug operation forming in Marshall County, Minnesota that involved illegal automatic weapons.

The agents clearly did not even believe him.


Woolever and Nelson then proceed to set up more controlled buys with Seglem; a completely discredited witness; just before shutting off the audio recorder.

According to a Pennington County insider, there is a growing concern in the Northern Minnesota community over the integrity of the BCA and other agencies.

“This is an agent with over 20 years of training, swindled by a kid, and still uses the kid to proceed with more investigation, even though this kid has lied during and about investigations already,” the insider told Write Into Action.

The case was an embarrassing disaster for officials.

On July 16, 2015 the Grand Forks Herald reported “Informant allegedly dupes BCA agents in several drug buys.”

On August 19, 2015, Seglem’s public defender, John D. Schmid emailed Prosecutor Moeller and offered that Seglem would plead guilty to specific charges involving “swindle”.

“All other counts and files would be dismissed and the State would agree not to charge any other matters presently under investigation,” Schmid said.

Seglem pled guilty and was never charged with the sexual assault of the minor.

Records from a Pre-Sentence Investigation of Seglem show he had a prior conviction in another state regarding sex with an underage girl.

Write Into Action is continuing to investigate this story.