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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 21, 2016, 11:36 A.M. CST

Yesterday Write into Action reported Jared Rasmussen, the son of former East Grand Forks police officer Vern Rasmussen, has publically stated he is being systematically gang-stalked by a group headed by Lt. Rodney Hajicek, chief detective at the EGFPD.


Through public records requests, Write Into Action has obtained a transcription document regarding the violent jailhouse assault by EGFPD officer Curt Ellingson that nearly resulted in the death of Jon Osowski.

The transcription contains segments from recordings between former EGFPD officer Gary Deitz, who discussed the violent assault with fellow officers Rodney Hajicek, James Grabanski, and Sherman Stallmo.

The document reveals Officer Hajicek witnessed Ellingson smash Osowki’s head against the cement “about 4 or 5 times” and vowed “but I will deny it”.

Write Into Action is regularly receiving information regarding local law enforcement that involves serious crimes such as rape and murder cover-ups.




NDBCI Records: Evidence indicates NBBCI agents attempted to hide evidence in police shooting investigation

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 23, 2016, 12:50 P.M. CST

Write Into Action has learned from a confidential source that Altru Hospital has been under investigation for ‘pills’ since at least October of 2015.

The source said she was present when an E/R doctor at Altru told her friend he could not prescribe her any mediation for pain management because Altru was “under investigation” for that.

Altru is tied to the David James Elliott pursuit and shooting in several ways.

Altru Health System

According to the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), “Thousands of prescription pills” were found in the vehicle of David Elliott after he was shot in the Altru parking lot following a police pursuit that began on February 27, 20105.

Ironically, David Elliott’s troubles on February 27, 2015, appear to have begun at Altru. David Elliott, and his wife, Jennifer Elliott, visited Altru on the day of the pursuit/shooting.

“On February 27, 2015, DAVID ELLIOTT had a doctor’s appointment at 7:50 a.m. At that time DAVID ELLIOTT was advised that his physician was no longer going to prescribe medications to DAVID ELLIOTT,” the BCI said.

According to BCI investigative reports there was six prescription bottles prescribed to David Elliott. The report also contained a stand alone entry that said, “Also, located during the search of the vehicle were thousands of prescription pills.”

The BCI investigative records reveal David Elliott’s pick-up truck looked like a traveling pharmacy.

However – David Elliott was never charged with any crime regarding the pills or drugs.


Write Into Action is investigating a situation that involves ‘power of attorney’ papers that were in David Elliott’s vehicle at the time he was shot.

BCI evidence inventory receipts reveal “Durable Power of Attorney” documents were found in David Elliott’s vehicle.

Records show the BCI executed a search warrant on David Elliott’s vehicle on March 4, 2015. During that search, BCI agents recorded finding prescription bottles and “thousands of pills”.

However, NO entry is made on the evidence log for “Durable Power of Attorney Papers”.

On March 10, 2015, BCI agents Michael J. Ness, and Scott Kraft met with Jennifer Elliott at the NDBCI office in Grand Forks.

The report said, “At 10:01 a.m., Special Agent (S/A) Michael J. Ness and S/A Scott Kraft met with Jennifer Elliott and her mother at the Grand Forks office of the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NDBCI). S/A Ness advised Jennifer Elliott of the officer involved shooting investigation in regard to DAVID ELLIOTT. It should be noted that Jennifer Elliott had specific questions regarding the investigation”

“Jennifer Elliott asked if she would be able to obtain the durable power of attorney paperwork that was in DAVID ELLIOTT’s vehicle. S/A Ness provided the durable power of attorney paperwork to Jennifer Elliott. (Please see copy of Evidence Inventory and Receipt, Attachment #2.),” the report said.

Records show a stand alone BCI inventory receipt was then created on March 10, 2015, that included only one item – “Durable Power of Attorney Paperwork” that was located in “Vehicle of David Elliott”.

The stand alone receipt is dated March 10, 2015, but no ‘time’ is given. However, the receipts for prior search warrants contain a ‘time’.

The paperwork was signed for by Jennifer Elliott at 10:54 A.M. on March 10, 2016.

The original omission of the paperowrk found during a search warrant by the BCI is suspicious.

Unless the BCI agent quick left the meeting with Jennifer Elliott; went and did another search of David Elliott’s vehicle; found the power of attorney paperwork; documented the search; returned and gave it to Jennifer Elliott; all in less than an hour; the evidence shows the BCI attempted to hide evidence in an official investigation of a police shooting.

Write Into Action is investigating the relevance of the ‘Durable Power of Attorney’ paperwork that he and his wife apparently prepared, and how it may factor in to David Elliott’s alleged threats to committ suicide on the night in question, while simultaneously attempting to reach Altru Hospital (while the police formed a gauntlet to stop him).

Write Into Action has discovered the following thus far.

  • Jerad Bratten was not scheduled to work the day he shot David Elliott
  • Jerad Bratten was not wearing his regular uniform the day he shot David Elliott
  • Jerad Bratten did not insert his video card into the in-car camera and recorded nothing
  • Jerad Bratten began his unscheduled shift at about the same time police began chasing David Elliott
  • Jerad Bratten’s body-camera recorded nothing pertinent
  • Video of the police pursuit of David Elliott reveals the BCI has attempted to place GFSO Deputy Andy Schneider in two separate locations at exactly 11 P.M., February, 27, 2015

Bratten BCI No Cameras

Write Into Action’s investigation continues.


Names and players in 1991 abuse case surface in police shooting of unarmed man in front of emergency room in 2015 

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on February 26, 2016 at 12:19 P.M.

Jon Osowski, Grafton, North Dakota, was beaten so savagely in the East Grand Forks Police Department that his soul left his body.

Osowski has permanent physical scars on his neck and back from the torture that involved multiple officers and included his head being smashed into the wall and floor, chest suppression and suffocation, eye gauging, kicking, punching, and being drug around by his hair – all while handcuffed.

The case is now being examined for violations of Jon Osowski’s constitutional rights.


The disturbing events surrounding the Osowski case sparked a journalistic investigation in the 90’s by Neil Carlson, Channel 11, which featured interviews with a host of other abuse victims in East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

“It was about two days later the back window was shot out of my car when we were on Columbia Road and I thought maybe these guys were going come after me again, so I was scared,” Osowski told Write Into Action.

Documents obtained by Write Into Action reveal a police officer that witnessed the event and sought to obtain medical help for Oswoski, captured Rodney Hajicek, now the ranking officer at the EGFPD, stating he witnessed the event, but noting he would lie to state and federal investigators if asked about what he witnessed.

The blatant indifference to honesty, integrity, the law, and human life by Hajicek appears symbolic of everyone involved.

Documents reveal one officer asked if an ambulance had been called for Osowski and was told, “Don’t fucking worry about it.”

Jon Osowski recalled the experience.

“I blacked out and just remember feeling myself – total silence – I thought I was dead for sure. And I did see a bright light and a – it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen,” Jon Osowski said.

Jon Osowski’s fiance’ and girlfriend of 15 years, Jody, said Jon is troubled by the event. “Jon said himself that he felt his body – or if you want to put it ‘his soul’ leaving his body and he seen a bright light and the tunnel – and just – all he said was he didn’t want to die so his soul went back into his body,” she said.

Disturbing events on the other side of the Red River in Grand Forks, North Dakota, appear to show a connection between officers involved in the East Grand Forks abuse cases, and an officer involved shooting in 2015.

In February, 2015, David James Elliott was targeted and hunted for hours before being shot three times in the head in the Altru Hospital parking lot.

Jon Osowski said he believes East Grand Forks, Minnesota is a very dangerous place to live or visit.

Write Into Action is beginning an investigation.

Return for updates.

Note: Jon Osowski told Write Into Action that EGFPD officer Jim Grabanski visisted him in his jail cell and told him he could file a complaint but asked Osowski not to tell anyone he told him that. James Edward Grabanski was found dead in his home on February 24, 2016.