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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on March 2, 2016 at 10:03 A.M.

The identity of the person(s) that recently erected a website to accept donations for Misty Croslin may hold clues to the 2009 kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings.

Misty Croslin is presently serving a 25 year sentence for drug trafficking and has been called the “key” to HaLeigh’s disappearance by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

Misty Croslin

Misty Croslin

The website, which is located at was erected for the express purpose of providing a Pay Pal feature where the public is encouraged to donate money to help pay for Misty Croslin’s new attorney.

Misty now has an attorney!
Misty Croslin has hired an experienced criminal law attorney to represent her in her legal battle to reduce her sentence. As is customary, her attorney fees, $17,500, were paid up front by a friend of the family, and Misty’s mother and father, Hank and Lisa Croslin, have approved this website as a way to repay those funds through donations from her friends and supporters.

The website is peppered with irregularities.

The website does not name Misty Croslin’s new attorney. It does not name the “friend of the family” that paid her retainer, nor does it provide any information regarding the identity of the person(s) actually receiving the donations.

Cursory background checks on the website trace it to North Carolina under what appears to be a non-existent zip code.


After being set up and published, the ‘Justice for Misty’ site was promoted on a website called – a cyber-harassment website based on an off-shore server and used to threaten and sexually harass individuals online – including children.

The Radionewz Blog is operated by multiple users including a convicted felon, Thomas Norman Olsen, Milton, Florida. Olsen is presently on probation facing significant prison time.

Thomas Norman Olson

The Radionewz Blog is also operated by Levi H. Page, Tennessee. In 2010, Page erected an online professional media bio claiming to be a 34 year-old criminal investigator covering child kidnappings. In 2015 an investigation by the East Grand Forks Police Department in Minnesota revealed Page was only 20 years old in 2010 and had no education or credentials of any kind.

EGFPD Report Narrative Levi H. Page 1


EGFPD Narrative Levi H. Page 2

Levi Page Blog Talk Radio Bio Fake Age

Page has spent his entire adult life interjecting himself into child kidnapping cases.

Page has repeatedly telephoned and contacted investigative journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth and threatened him to shut up and warned him to stop saying the missing child HaLeigh Cummings is alive.

In a 2010 interview with the Minneapolis FBI, Special Agent A. J. Eilermann told Timothy Holmseth there are people that want everybody to stop looking for HaLeigh.




Denver FBI contacted informant three days before shooting to avoid another “Dr. Tiller” incident

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on January 15, 2016 at 1:04 P.M. C.S.T.

The man that killed three people and wounded nine at the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs told KCNC-TV he was being followed by the FBI on November 27, 2015.

Robert Lewis Dear said 10 FBI agents were following him and contacted the facility and warned them he was coming.


“When I got there, of course, those guys knew I was armed, knew everything about me. They slither off like snakes and they get the local cops to do their dirty work, so that’s why the shootout was there,” Dear told KCNC.

“When I busted in that door on the side, all the people were gone,” he said. “So they had been tipped off by the FBI or somebody. All the employees, everybody had gotten out the back,” he said.

Dear said the FBI had been harassing him year after year. He said they broke into his trailer in rural Colorado and cut holes in his clothes.

Dear said the shooting was not planned, but he feared the FBI was going to get him so he chose the Planned Parenthood facility to make his “last stand”.

Denver FBI spokeswoman Deborah Sherman declined to comment, citing a gag order in case.


Exclusive information obtained by Write Into Action indicates the Denver FBI was aware that something was going to occur.

On November 24, only three days before the shooting in Colorado Springs, Kimberly Milka, Denver FBI, interviewed Danielle Kekoa, Northglenn, Colorado.

Write Into Action had been running a expositive series since September, 2015, featuring Danielle Kekoa and her husband, Curtis Kekoa.

The Kekoa’s are former pro-life abortion activists that worked on Operation Rescue when they were members of Denver Bible Church, Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Milka said she had received Kekoa’s contact information from Planned Parenthood. “They provided your name and number,” Milka said.

“We need to find somebody – well, I was wondering if you would be willing to talk to me about some of the stuff that you observed while you were a member of the Denver Bible Church,” Milka said.

Danielle Kekoa told Milka that Rev. Bob Enyart, the pastor of Denver Bible Church, is a “serial killer” and “shot caller” running a “satanic cult” while impersonating a pro-life Christian abortion activist.

Milka appeared to be concerned about violence occurring at an abortion facility. “If there’s any move to harm people, like you said, we don’t want another Dr. Tiller on our hands,” Milka said.

Danielle Kekoa told Milka “you can expect it because Bob Enyart has been found out.”

Three days after the interview, Dear opened fire at Planned Parenthood.

Danielle Kekoa told Milka that Enyart is involved in kidnappings and murders on a mass scale, including the murders of JonBenet Ramsey, Jessica Ridgeway, and Dylan Redwine.

The FBI has a copy of a written Manifesto authored by Enyart declaring his own ‘Shadow Government’ and there is strong evidence Enyart’s ‘shadow government’ is connected to organized crime responsible for kidnapping and murders in Florida.


Curtis and Danielle Kekoa have suffered extreme online retaliation after cooperating with the FBI regarding Enyart and his possible connection to Dear.

The Kekoa’s, as well as Timothy Charles Holmseth (this writer), have been sexually assaulted online by operatives believed to be publishing content for Enyart on a website located at

Evidence submitted to Judge Tamara Yon, Minnesota State Court, included police reports from a police investigation of Levi Page, Tennessee, and demonstrated threats against Holmseth’s children and un-born grandchild had been published by Page and others.

The website has been used to stalk and threaten both the Kekoa’s and Holmseth for years – always placing a cynical focus on the children of their targets. In one video published against Holmseth, the voice warned Holmseth if he did not remove all of his websites, his grandchild would be taken as soon as it was born.

On January 12, 2016, the website published an article entitled “Dani Kekoa Is Pregnant With Bob Enyart’s Baby? Whut? Lucky #7?” (the reference to ‘lucky number 7’ was regarding Kekoa’s children – they have six children).

Other articles and comments describe vile sexual relations and orgies of all kinds.

One article features a photo of slain Colorado teen Dylan Redwine’s father, Mark Redwine, with feces filled underwear in his mouth. The article contains a comment saying Danielle Kekoa is pregnant with Mark Redwine’s baby.

James Martin, senior attorney, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, possesses information about the identity of the website’s publishers.

Evidence, which will be presented to a federal court by Holmseth, shows Martin, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, and the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) Inspector General possess audio evidence obtained by Holmseth that exposes a child kidnapping and pornography ring in Florida that distributed secret naked photographs of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings after she was kidnapped.

The trafficking ring involves law enforcement officers, attorneys, and social workers.

Holmseth was recently threatened with arrest by William Wheeler, an investigator with the Santa Rosa County States Attorney’s Office in Florida. Wheeler warned Holmseth not to provide any more information to the Santa Rosa County State’s Attorney or face arrest.

Holmseth possesses evidence (medical charts) of Florida government officials from nearly every government agency (Judges, Attorneys, politicians, police, etc.), including the Florida Inspector General, obtaining prescription medication by fraud at a Tallahassee pill-mill.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has first-hand knowledge of the evidence.

Holmseth will assert in federal court the State of Florida is allowing organized crime to stage operations within its borders to intimidate and threaten him and his family.


HaLeigh Cummings – Caylee Anthony – Dylan Redwine – Kyron Horman – Trenton Duckett and other cases could be affected

On August 18, 2015, at 3:30 P.M., Honorable Tamara Yon will hear a Motion to hold Rhonda W. Callahan, Grand Forks, North Dakota, in contempt of court, for violating a Protective Order. The hearing will be held at the Polk County Justice Center in Crookston, Minnesota.

The hearing may have far reaching implications on the cases involving HaLeigh Cummings, Caylee Anthony, Kyron Horman, Dylan Redwine, Trenton Duckett, and others.

The Motion was filed by Timothy Charles Holmseth after a website at WWW.RADIONEWZ.NET began publishing fictitious sexual stories and threats about Holmseth’s children, including a minor.

The threats include multiple well-produced videos by a group calling themselves ‘Anonymous’, two of which are directed squarely at Holmseth’s children, and include an ultimatum for the removal of all Holmseth’s website’s by July 26, 2015, at 12:01 A.M.

Holmseth reported the threats to the East Grand Forks Police Department and identified the publisher as Levi Page, Dober, Tennessee. Holmseth has evidence that Page lied to police when questioned, and will be presenting that evidence to the Judge.

The threats have been turned over to SAC Richard T. Thornton, Minneapolis FBI.

In June, Holmseth, an investigative journalist and author, turned over evidence to the Minneapolis FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement regarding child rape pornography that was created and distributed of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings.


The pornography evidence captures key figures discussing the distribution of naked pictures of the missing child that were taken well after she was reported missing.

The author of the online threats against Holmseth and his children repeatedly mentions the evidence Holmseth obtained regarding the HaLeigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases and calls him a liar.

Holmseth provided EGF Police Chief Michael Hedlund and Polk County Sheriff Barb Erdman documentation regarding the name of the out-of-state attorney for WWW.RADIONEWZ.NET.  The attorney is the same person that Rhonda Callahan was communicating with by e-mail, which contributed to Judge Yon’s issuance of the Protective Order.

Webcam photo evidence shows Callahan communicating with the X-rated cyberstalk website, and has been submitted as Exhibit A.

EXHIBIT A - Rhonda W. Callahan

EXHIBIT A – Rhonda W. Callahan

The communication was in violation of a Protective Order dated September 19, 2014 forbidding Callahan and/or her attorney, Michael Mattocks, Charlson & Jorgenson Law, Thief River Falls, to engage in such communications.

It was not the first the Restraining Order by the Court against Callahan that involved WWW.RADIONEWZ.NET. An Order preceding that one was issued protecting Holmseth from turning over any medical files to Callahan, because his files and confidential information kept turning up on the internet.

Holmseth alleges Callahan and her lawyer(s) have colluded with the operators of WWW.RADIONEWZ.NET since 2009 to strategically generate false child protection comlaints and bogus mental health allegations into documents using Charlson & Jorgenson Law Office, Thief River Falls, for the purpose of publication, extortion, and blackmail.

Callahan and her lawyers began making false accusations about Holmseth in 2009, only days after he interviewed the same individuals in the HaLeigh Cummings case, that have now been shown to have been distributing child rape pornography of HaLeigh Cummings.

Holmseth has brought to the Court’s attention that although he has contacted Callahan’s attorney multiple times since the online sexual attacks began against the children, and asked if they were standing united in a request for state and federal law enforcement to investigate the website and videos, Attorney Mattocks has not replied regarding the child protection matter.

Holmseth recently published an article that creates very serious questions about Levi Page and his bizarre entry into the world of missing children.

In 2010, at 34 years-old, Page appears to have impersonated law enforcement when announcing his new Web radio program that would focus on missing children including HaLeigh Cummings, Caylee Anthony, and Kyron Horman. His bio showed no professional or personal background information and he subsequently began telephoning witnesses in missing child cases and threatening people to shut up.

Listen to call # 1

Listen to call # 2


According to a source from South Florida, the lawsuit filed last week in federal court by Timothy Charles Holmseth against various public officials actually contains the entire name of the anonymous publisher that operates

The x-rated cyber-stalk site was erected shortly after HaLeigh Cummings’ mother, Crystal Sheffield, closed down the ‘HaLeigh Bug Center’ in Satsuma, Florida, and cleaned legal house in 2009.

The anonymous publisher takes to the Web via the Radionewz blog regularly to desperately insist the ‘missing and endangered’ child HaLeigh Cummings is dead and viciously attacks anybody that says she’s alive.

“It’s obvious who it is,” said the South Florida insider.

The South Florida insider says the federal lawsuit explains who was hiding HaLeigh; and says it’s the same person that operates Radionewz. According to the source, the anonymous publisher will go to prison if HaLeigh Cummings is located.

The South Florida insider says documents will be released soon and that attorneys involved are rarin’ to go.

Read lawsuit at:

Fired CNN reporter Art Harris worked with East Grand Forks Police Department to intimidate news reporter that was assisting the Jacksonville FBI

Amber Alert of missing child HaLeigh Cummings deliberately neglected by police while local cabal keeping low profile during ‘Boardwalk Enterprises’ loan fraud scheme

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Do select public officials in East Grand Forks and Polk County, Minnesota have ties to the notorious Web hackatvist group “Anonymous”?

And if so – did the officials leak information to assist in the malicious cyber-stalking of a local journalist that reported them to the FBI?

The answer to these questions rests within the bizarre facts and circumstances that befell a Minnesota author immediately after he conducted interviews regarding the kidnapping of a little girl from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings.

That author is me – Timothy Charles Holmseth.

The question is not as perplexing as it seems.


“Anonymous” is a loosely affiliated group of Web hactivists that have become internationally recognized for malicious mischief and hacking. They are infamous for hacking into the accounts of U.S. Congressmen, servers for the United States Department of Defense, FEMA, and the Department of Justice.

Anonymous fell under intense investigation by the FBI in 2012 after becoming involved in a rape case being prosecuted in Jefferson County, Ohio.

Angry about prosecutorial decisions regarding the sexual assault of a young girl by members of the local football team, Anonymous launched an assault against the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Steubenville Police Department, and County Prosecutor’s Office.

The Web group’s willingness to threaten and menace police officers was made clear when Steubenville Police Chief William McCafferty found his computer system disabled by an email attachment he opened. Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla reported to the Attorney General that someone threatened to murder his family and rape his daughters.

Thriving amidst the Steubenville rape case controversy was an anonymously operated website called that published volatile information regarding the case; was critical of the police, and accused attorneys of being corrupt.

The website would harass and harangue the Ohio public officials as they moved forward with charges against two accused members of the football team.

The website would eventually become a nexus between cyber-stalker and public officials in Polk County, Minnesota.

The Minnesota Connection

The seemingly unlikely relationship between an interstate criminal operation and Minnesota officials was likely established by the hacktavist group’s overt willingness to aggressively confront and intimidate law enforcement in an area where they were committed to controlling the outcome of a situation.

Blackmail and extortion is a trademark tactic of Anonymous. The hacktavists enforce their demands through a method called “doxing” which involves obtaining extremely sensitive and private information about a target – and publishing it. A person that is doxed risks finding everything from their social security number, to court records, to embarrassing photographs, published on the Web.

The difference between the Minnesota and Ohio officials is the Ohio officials contacted the FBI, while Minnesota kept everything hush-hush, played ball, and tried to silence a witness – me.

Evidence of official misconduct in Polk County, Minnesota first surfaced in 2012 when began publishing sensitive information that was not public. The information originated from official complaints that had been quietly filed to the Minnesota Bar Association and FBI regarding a couple of lawyers and several police officers.

The Complaints named East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad, State Public Defender Michael LaCoursiere, Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek, and Sgt. Detective Chris Olson.

I filed them – and as you will see – for very good reason.

Xentel Inc.

The disturbing reality that Minnesota law enforcement and public officials was cooperating with criminal elements requires we step back to 2009 where we will observe a catalyst event, and then an escalation of activities within the legal community of the 9th Minnesota Judicial District.

Signs of misconduct and unscrupulous behavior by police first surfaced in the spring of 2009, immediately after I conducted interviews with the media team and family members of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

Police records show that in June of 2009, Lt. Rod Hajicek, East Grand Forks Police Department (EGFPD), made a menacing phone call to me on behalf of a company called Xentel Inc.

Xentel Inc. is a company with a horrendous reputation and has been sued for fraud by Attorney General Offices across the United States. The Web is saturated with horror stories about the legally embattled scam operation and the fraudulent practices they employ.

Lt. Hajicek states in a Police Incident Report that he spoke with Donna Wagoner, Xentel, Florida. He states that Wagoner called the police to complain about me, and, she requested he telephone me, on behalf of Xentel, to advise me not to write about the Company.

The entry by Lt. Hajicek regarding me is the first real involvement the EGFPD ever had with me (aside from my forgetting to update the tabs on my license plate) – but it would only be the beginning of a civil rights holocaust that would engulf me and my children.

Police records show that Donna Wagoner turned out to be only one of many members of a close-knit group (hereby referred to as the Group) of individuals that suddenly began calling the EGFPD in 2009. Nearly every member of the Group worked for Crystal Sheffield, mother, HaLeigh Cummings.

When Hajicek telephoned me, he attempted to wave me off the story I was working on at that time. It was a story regarding a manipulated photograph of HaLeigh Cummings. The doctored photograph merged two human images together to create the false appearance Crystal Sheffield was holding her daughter HaLeigh, lovingly. It had been published on a website called where donations were being solicited in the name of the missing child’s plight.

Donations scams are the proverbial trademark of Xentel.

Per the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, police departments are not free to telephone journalists and pressure them to stay away from a certain subject, but that is exactly what the EGFPD did.

I did not back off and subsequently submitted information I acquired about the chopped photograph to the Minneapolis FBI. I realized the person(s) that Photoshopped the picture may have information regarding the whereabouts of the missing child.

A public records request to the Polk County Attorney’s Office would later reveal Donna Wagoner’s close associate, Art Harris, emailed Lt. Hajicek and requested he arrange for my arrest. Harris was furious the FBI in Florida visited his friend, Donna Wagoner, at her place of employment (Xentel) regarding the photograph.

Harris was also the official media consultant for Crystal Sheffield and was appearing regularly on Nancy Grace and the HLN network to talk about the HaLeigh Cummings case.

Lt. Hajicek told Harris he couldn’t arrest me because publishing was a civil matter, but, appearing to be all ears, he assured Harris he would forward his concerns to the Polk County Attorney to see if there was anything Greg Widseth could do.

The idea that Lt. Hajicek was mulling over an innocent man’s arrest is only the tip of the iceberg, compared to events that would eventually unfold in East Grand Forks and Polk County, Minnesota.

For the next several years I received threatening phone calls and stern warnings from anonymous callers, some using voice changer software, threatening me great bodily harm. I was told to shut up about what I knew regarding the missing little girl.

I reported the threats and harassment to the EGFPD who would do absolutely nothing to investigate. When I executed multiple successful call traces on some of the calls the police still refused to investigate. When I contacted Police Chief Michael Hedlund regarding the matter he ignored me.

I received telephone calls from individuals that guaranteed me they could have the State of Minnesota take my children away from me. I was told to withdraw several complaints I had filed regarding professionals involved with the missing child case, or I would lose my parental rights.

It is notable that taking a child from a parent is the Modus Operandi of the Group that kidnapped HaLeigh Cummings from her father.

This ominous threat emerged as a quasi-reality in 2011 when a barrage of false child abuse complaints was suddenly filed against me, and an Ex Parte Motion to suspend my parenting-time was filed to the Family Court.

I was eventually cleared by Grand Forks County Child Protection Services after the esteemed team of CPS specialists, doctors, and psychologists unanimously signed off on an Affidavit – “No Services Required or Recommended – No Risk Factors for Abuse”.

Not one single checkmark was checked in the concern row.

But the original plan had already been executed.

Before the ink was dry on the original documents of the concocted child abuse story, it was published on The anonymous publishers declared the ‘HaLeigh Cummings author’ a violent, dangerous, child abuser and conspiracy nut – mentally unstable – not to be believed.

My reputation as an award-winning newspaper reporter was dissipating quickly amidst online libel, slander, and Web radio programs that discussed me for hours at a time. I was described as a psychopath that jumped out of bushes in parks and raped old ladies. I was compared to the Rev. Jim Jones, Ted Bundy, and Jeffery Dahmer. There was no limit on the defamation, which included accusations of incest and child molestation upon an infant.

The online attack at that named my minor children, and published HIPPA protected records drew the ire of a Grand Forks forensic psychologist, who promptly telephoned Attorney Michael Jorgenson, Charlson & Jorgenson Law Office, Thief River Falls. He subsequently alerted Honorable Donna Dixon, Judge, 9th Minnesota District that information about minor children was being published on the Web.

But that was not the last we would see of Nor would it be the last attempts on my child custody status/ parental rights, which kept coming, diabolically, from cynical depths, deep within the 9th Minnesota Judicial District.

Between 2009 and 2011 I had observed, and fallen victim to, corruption at the EGFPD at such a disturbing level I could easily articulate it using documents – and did.

In the spring of 2012, I provided a detailed statement of facts to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota regarding illegal activity I was observing between a Group in Florida and officials in Polk County, Minnesota.

In the winter of 2012, I submitted information to the Minnesota Bar Association after my public defender, Michael LaCoursiere, told me EGF City Attorney Ronald Galstad would have some police officers lie on the witness stand to gain a false conviction against me if I insisted on a jury trial.

Seeking to preserve the integrity of the Complaint I filed in the winter, I kept the entire affair to myself. Only the individuals I reported knew about the report, other than the Minnesota Bar Association and FBI.


Small facts and details contained in my Complaint began to emerge within the content being published on the x-rated website

The content on is an extremely disturbing journey into the diabolically perverse. The site features photographs and depictions of people in various sexual positions. The anonymous publisher, a cyber-stalker, is clearly a sexual degenerate and obsessed with the concepts of masturbation, sex toys, sexual torture, toilet functions, anal sex, and rape.

The website talked about me and my children constantly, featured my photograph, as well as photographs of my entire family including my aging parents.

At the same time I had filed my complaint to authorities regarding the two lawyers, comments began appearing on referring to my allegations to the “FBI” regarding a “State’s Attorney”.

The State’s Attorney I complained about was Ronald Galstad. I that Attorney Michael LaCoursiere told me Galstad would have Sgt. Detective Chris Olson and Polk County Deputy Jesse Haugen lie on the stand if I didn’t take an Alford (no-contest) plea.

I had not made any of that information public.

Comments alluding to my Complaints against local officials continued to appear.

Because of the extremely subtle nature of the non-public information appearing on the website, regarding public officials in the 9th Minnesota District, there was no doubt but the anonymous publisher was directly communicating with officials in Northern Minnesota.

Anonymous Raided

On April 15, 2013 approximately a dozen FBI agents raided the home of Deric Lostutter, Winchester, Kentucky. He was targeted by the feds for his involvement in Web crimes and hacking in the Steubenville Rape Case. His computer, hard-drive, and phones were seized. Lostutter would later admit he was a member of Anonymous that went by the name KY Anonymous.

The ripple effect of the FBI raid in Kentucky could be felt. When law enforcement seizes computer drives, they acquire a treasure trove of contact information and associates of the owner. It was the beginning of the end.

In the spring and summer of 2013, various Web programs, Twitter accounts, and attack websites that had regularly targeted me and my family began to disappear from the Web.

In the summer went offline.

If contact information, being gathered through spidering FBI raids, connects police, lawyers, and public officials in the 9th Minnesota Judicial District to the FBI already knows.

The x-rated website will be soon be contacted by  a lawyer.

This according to South Florida Insider Edward Boyle.

Boyle said previous plans to contact the cyber-stalker were placed on hold due to a legal situation that needed to play out.

Boyle is the brother of Maria Burgun, a Florida millionaire that is now commonly referred to as the ‘the real key’ to the HaLeigh Cummings investigation.

The FBI recently stepped up its efforts on the investigation.

Several stories are developing on this case and Write Into Action will update as the information comes in.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

The private investigator that once declared he was going to  find HaLeigh Cummings in ten days, but ended up being arrested for kidnapping,  has re-surfaced as a contributing writer to an x-rated website.

William Staubs – a.k.a. ‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’ recently published  an article on about the missing child HaLeigh Cummings, which he then promptly submitted to the FBI via Twitter.

The FBI recently expressed a fresh interest in the missing person  case, and encouraged the public to provide information. Staubs’ article  appeared to be yet another ‘thought-stopper’ declaring ‘HaLeigh is dead’ so  stop looking for her.

The FBI also confirms recently receiving a tip in the “Human Trafficking’ division regarding

And that being…

The true oddity of Staubs’ latest publishing is the mere fact he associates with at all.

The adult website regularly refers  to Staubs as a fat disgusting pig, pervert, and notorious grifter who cries and  begs for money. He was most recently mocked by the website for trying to sell  pubic hair online, which he claims came from the garbage of O.J. Simpson. 

But the juvenile antics of Radionewz are not the basis for  the more serious concerns about Staubs and his emerging associates.

In April of 2013 attacked Staubs’ daughter – a  minor. The child’s sister, Christina ‘Staubs’ Horn, an attorney residing in Michigan, quickly came  to her little sister’s aid.

“As representation for the above-mentioned individual, I am  advising you that you are to hereby cease and desist the defamation of xxxxxxx  Staubs’ character and reputation. First, xxxxxxx Staubs is a minor and not  involved in this case whatsoever. If you continue to defame her character  publicly, despite this attempt to correct the above incorrectly publicized  information, you will be looking at a defamation claim. Cyber bullying a minor  with this type of libelous action will not be tolerated. Thank you for your  attention in this matter,” Horn said.

Attorney Horn’s insistence the site stop harassing the child  was met with obnoxious defiance by what appeared to be the attorney  representing The lawyer for was posting  anonymously.

“To Christina STAUBS Horn, newly licensed attorney,  permitted only to practice law in the State of Michigan, and who just graduated  from law school last year: Your law firm will be getting notice tomorrow of  your pretentious bullying of unwitting lay people with threats of bogus  lawsuits which are not cognizable in fact or in law. There is no defamation or  disparaging comment here about your LITTLE SISTER,” the lawyer said.

“I call upon you to provide what Federal, Michigan  or Georgia  law prohibits or criminalizes such conduct. And…I’ll give YOU ten days to  provide that confirmation, okay?” the lawyer advised.

The entire exchange between the two attorneys appeared to be  very personal as if they knew each other. The Radionewz lawyer made comments about the girl’s father.            

The child Staubs was indeed sexually harassed and violated  on the amidst the comments allowed by the moderator. “… does the  sister ever come to Steubenville?  Does she have a little Italian in her? Does she want some?” on person said.

William Staubs’ reaction to the violation of his very own  child is chilling. Only a couple weeks after his flesh and blood children valiantly fought back against the cyber-stalker at, the website jovially announced  William Staubs may be joining the site as a writer.

“Despite the slapping back and forth between this blog and  Cobra – we may be coming to a peace treaty,” said the poster called Radio.

The site then announced Staubs may be publishing at  Radionewz. “If Cobra wants to talk – he is welcome to talk here” Radio said.

And he did.

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Crystal Sheffield, mother, HaLeigh Cummings, once staffed  the anonymous owner of an x-rated website called – a source says.   

“The owner of that website sat at the same table with  Crystal Sheffield and they laughed together while HaLeigh was supposedly missing,”  the source said.

The website Radionewz is notorious for stalking witnesses in the HaLeigh Cummings case, and savaging the reputations of any who say the missing child is alive.

The latest revelation, if true, would be consistent with the information that is beginning to surface in the unsolved case.

Edward Boyle, a South Florida insider, says he is has a bird’s eye view of an entire situation that is unfolding from Hollywood to Plantation – Fort Lauderdale  to Miami.

South Florida Insider Edward Boyle said, “this is bigger than anyone ever imagined.”





Edward Boyle
H A L E I G H   Edward Boyle

“This is bigger than anybody ever imagined,” Boyle said.

Boyle said is a Trojan Horse surrounded from  the outside. “They thought they were clever – you follow me? They thought they were cute – you hear me?. It’s only a matter of time now,” he said.

Last week the FBI put out a Tweet asking the public for  information regarding HaLeigh.

It is speculated the FBI has taken an interest in the ‘human trafficking’ activity that recently surfaced on Radionewz.

Write Into Action is working on a lead that Maria Burgun may have plans to meet with the Jacksonville FBI about HaLeigh.