Where was ‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’ the night HaLeigh vanished?

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth

The self-proclaimed bounty hunter who became notorious after  involving himself in a high-profile missing child case has issued a press  release on PR Web.

William (Cobra) Staubs, the South   Florida bail bondsman that was arrested for felony false  imprisonment amidst his ‘search’ for HaLeigh Cummings, is again inviting the  media to listen to his thoughts and observations about the missing child case.

Staubs also re-released an interview he did in March of  2009, shortly after Misty Croslin, (then) 17, refused to participate in a  ‘crime-scene’ reenactment he had set up with a tabloid blogger.   

The audio interview Staubs released promotes the question –  where was Misty Croslin the night HaLeigh Cummings was reported missing?

He also recently published an article on an x-rated website that cast suspicion on Teresa Neves and Ronald Cummings.

I (Timothy Holmseth) personally interviewed Staubs for countless hours, beginning in May of 2009. I think it is time for the narrative to align itself with the true nature of investigative reporting and what really happened to HaLeigh.

Essentially – it is not important for anyone to listen to  William Staubs crowing about the whereabouts of Misty Croslin. In fact, what Staubs thinks about whereabouts of anybody is totally useless information. .

In fact…

Although Staubs presented himself as some kind of a big-hearted do-gooder that traveled up to Satsuma, because he is such a great guy, the truth was much different. He had a secret house rented in San Mateo, which he and several others he was working with later tried to cloak by renting motel rooms.

I could provide audio so the public could listen to Staubs’ son Matthew Staubs, and  HaLeigh Bug Administrator Jeremiah Regan, smoking pot, discussing the [female sex organ] of a young girl, and laughing that Detective John Merchant isn’t going to catch up with HaLeigh because he’s “too slow”.

But that’s for another article.

The real question is – where was William Staubs the night HaLeigh Cummings was reported missing? He has never provided a good explanation for why he got  involved in the missing child case.

In March, 2009, a  sharp reporter with a Florida news station (possibly  channel 12) asked Staubs about his involvement.  

Reporter: Umm,  who’s paying you?

Staubs: I just said I’m working for myself.

Reporter: I know  but you said you had somebody…

Staubs: You want  to know the truth? A drug dealer in Miami. Yeah, it’s a drug dealer in Miami, yeah. He did prison time for it and he’s cleaned his life up and he’s the only  one to give me money. I talked to every single bondman…

Reporter: What!  To come here? Why does he care about this case?

Staubs: Because  eh, he said they’re making a bad scene up there. There talking about drug dealers  are behind this – that this guy did x-y-z. The drug dealers are all involved in  it…

Reporter: So he’s  standing up for drug dealers?

Staubs: He said  we’re drug dealers were not baby killers. That an exact quote un-quote.



Staubs goes on to say  “some lady”  contacted his friend, Rev.  Richard Grund, and Grund then gave him the case.

So here you go…

‘Cobra the Bounty Hunter’ – broke without a pot to piss in, tells the American public he was  sent to Satsuma, Florida to search for HaLeigh  Cummings because some woman telephoned Rev. Richard Grund; and subsequently a drug  dealer in Miami gave Staubs some money to go defend the honor and integrity of drug dealers everywhere.

Now let’s examine what Staubs says about Misty Croslin in the video he released. 

“I think maybe the press kind of has this wrong; were you in  this room were you in this room, were you in this room; did you do this?”  Staubs said, recalling his conversations with Croslin.

He continues.

“Basically what I want to do Misty is I want to go through  each step as close as you can recall it, and if you’re willing to do that I  will close this case. Absolutely close it beyond any doubt,” Staubs said.

At one point in the interview, Staubs expresses his  frustration with Croslin. “I should have just told her ‘listen bitch’ – you  know exactly what you did, you been lying – I just want you to come clean,”  Staubs said.

“Listen bitch”???

Wow. Staubs is 56 and Croslin is a 17 year-old rape survivor.

He went on to say he was going to the Putnam County  Sheriff’s Office and requesting the young girl be charged with Child  Endangerment and Obstruction of Justice. He said she should have a million dollar bail  placed on her.



This foul-mouthed, smelly, unemployed, unknown, Dog the Bounty Hunter wannabe, from South Florida, with a little pocket cash he mooched off a drug dealer, drives up to Northern   Florida, and is going to solve the entire HaLeigh Cummings case by simply watching a frightened seventeen year-old girl (little bitch) walk around a trailer house, which the police will not even call a crime scene?

He’s even going to advise the Sheriff’s Office on how to  charge the girl (the little bitch).

During interviews, I repeatedly challenged Staubs, and asked  him why he felt he had a unique ability to know if Misty Croslin was being  truthful about her specific movements and activities on the night question.

I politely suggested he was really no different than anyone  else, and questioned how he was going to close the whole case by just  conducting a reenactment. He became very angry. “Can’t you just trust me?” he  growled, tired of the probing. 

He’d already said HaLeigh was alive so I understood him loud and clear.

Staubs pointed his accusatory finger at many  different people, until the Sheriff’s Office finally arrested him and kicked  him out of town. He wanted the American public to focus and ponder about the whereabouts of others.

The whereabouts of all the people Staubs and his Team  targeted is irrelevant.

Where was William Staubs the night HaLeigh Cummings vanished?

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