by Timothy Charles Holmseth on September 23, 2017, 10:46 P.M. CST



Broward County: ‘Coincidence or Connection’ with Debbie Wasserman Schultz voice changer calls

Minnesota journalist telephoned and threatened – accused of electronically creating full conversations between people discussing $231 Million biofuel scheme in Florida

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on September 21, 2017, 9:26 A.M. CST

 According to court documents, the office of former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz called the law firm that is suing the DNC using a voice changer – and forgot to disable caller ID, reported Breitbart News.

This tactic appears to be a growing trend in Broward County, Florida.

The exact same tactic is being used to threaten a journalist in Minnesota that obtained evidence regarding a half-million dollar biofuel scheme involving former Florida Governor Charlie Christ and convicted Ponzi schemer Scott W. Rothstein.

Many of the calls are coming from Florida government offices.

Timothy Charles Holmseth has received voice changer calls from telephone numbers of Donald Trump (Trump Organization, Mara-A-Lago Resort, Doral Resort), Clinton Global, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, Republican National Committee, CNN, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s Office, and others.

The caller gave Holmseth a list of names of persons he could not talk about which included “Pam Bondi” and “Marco Rubio”.

Holmseth obtained secret audio regarding a massive biofuel scheme while investigating a child kidnapping in 2009. Holmseth knows at least one of the discs sent to him came from William E. Staubs, a private investigator out of Broward County, Florida.

Holmseth received recordings in the mail on multiple occasions that reveal the same individuals involved in the kidnapping of HaLeigh Cummings, and the murder of Caylee Anthony, were involved in a scheme surrounding a company called Alternative Biofuel Technologies (ABT).

ABT was seized by federal authorities during the RICO investigation of former Ft. Lauderdale Attorney Scott. W. Rothstein.

The most recent voice changer call was two days ago on a restricted line that warned Holmseth he was being sued because, according to the caller, Holmseth electronically fabricated hundreds of hours of interviews to implicate players.

The Wasserman-Schultz situation resembles the Holmseth calls in several ways including the targeting of law offices. On one occasion, Staubs asked Holmseth to be quiet while he telephoned his own attorney, Doug Roberts, Stearns, Roberts & Guttentag, LLC.

Holmseth has contacted Attorney Roberts regarding the threats made in his name.

Holmseth has a case filed in Minnesota district court regarding threats against his family that included a plot to have his children taken away if he didn’t keep his mouth shut.

One voice changer message threatened to kidnap Holmseth’s granddaughter.






“You know what’s really bad sergeant … she’s trying to frame a black boy”

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on September 19, 2017, 9:00 P.M. CST

Hidden truths continue to emerge about the Caylee Anthony murder cover-up.

In 2009, William Staubs, a Florida private investigator reported a very serious crime and civil rights violation to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. He reported a plan by an attorney to frame an innocent black man named Gregory Lewis Page (a.k.a. White Boy Greg) for the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings.

Page was later targeted for a drug bust and sent to prison for ten years.

Misty Croslin was later targeted and sentenced to 25 years in prison for selling pills.

Staubs was an agent of HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) working with local, state, and federal law enforcement.

Staubs himself was arrested and charged with felony false imprisonment for trying to frame Daniel E. Snodgrass for the child’s kidnapping.

Staubs told Jessica Clark of First Coast News that was sent into the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping investigation by Rev. Richard Grund, a witness in the Casey Anthony trial.

Grund and Staubs both told Timothy Charles Holmseth there was a plan by the family of Casey Anthony to plant semen and pubic hair on the dead body of Caylee Anthony to implicate a Grund.

The audio in the You Tube was located on back-ups after the East Grand Forks Police Department and agents of the Minnesota Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Task Force raided my home with guns and bullet proof vests and destroyed my original hard drive.


Too big to hide – too evil to confront


#PEDOGATE – What law enforcement never told you about the murder of Caylee Anthony and the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping   

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on September 18, 2017, 7:44 P.M. CST

 When a five year-old from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings mysteriously vanished from her bed in 2009 local law enforcement quickly declared it was “no stranger abduction” and stated the child’s teenage babysitter was the key to solving the case.

The highest ranking officer of any agency to comment at any length on the case was the Putnam County Sheriff and local authorities maintain jurisdiction.

The case has gone officially unsolved.

Nobody would have ever guessed the case secretly involved federal agencies and programs that report to Capital Hill and the Pentagon.

The truth about HaLeigh’s kidnapping is too big to hide and too evil too confront.

I have discovered evidence showing that that one simple case involved operatives of a federal program enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1988 called High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA). It also involved operatives receiving support from the Office of Special Investigations of the U.S. Air Force. It also involved agents of the FBI and CIA.

The involvement of the feds prevented HaLeigh’s recovery – because HIDTA, OSI, FBI, and CIA were involved in her disappearance and/or continued missing child status.

I’ll show you.

On February 10, 2009 a five year-old named HaLeigh Cummings was reported kidnapped from her bed in Satsuma – a small town near Palatka, Florida.

The mysterious kidnapping occurred a mere 75 miles north of Orlando, and happened on the same day a nationally televised vigil was being broadcast for slain toddler Caylee Anthony.

I learned the two cases are directly connected. Essentially, HaLeigh’s disappearance was orchestrated by the same people responsible for the murder of Caylee Anthony.

The mysterious timing of HaLeigh’s disappearance thrust the story into the national spotlight and was driven primarily by Nancy Grace and former CNN journalist loser Art Harris.

In March of 2011, within a month of HaLeigh’s disappearance, an entire team of associates including an attorney and private investigator, traveled to Putnam County, Florida, secretly rented a house, opened a facility called the HaLeigh Bug Center, and began full-on meddling in the HaLeigh Cummings case.

Amongst the group was a bail bondsman/private investigator from Weston, Florida named William E. Staubs (a.k.a. Cobra the Bounty Hunter).

What has never been known to the public is a piece of information that was discovered exclusively by me (Timothy Charles Holmseth) during my journalistic investigation into the kidnapping – I found out William Staubs worked for HIDTA.

I learned who Staubs really was while I was on a third telephone line during a call between him and man named Jeremiah Regan. I captured a very heated exchange between the two men after their group began to implode and Staubs was charged with felony false imprisonment.

“My dad works with the FBI. He works with all forms of government. They have nothing but good things to say about him,” Jeremiah Regan said.

“Fuckin-A right! Listen, do you think I don’t know who your dad is? You think I don’t know brother? Man I work for HIDTA bro. The feds are looking at this shit fuckin’ upside fuckin down one side of the fuckin’ other. Believe it. Believe it” Staubs said.

Staubs continued.

“They got their boy jammed up. I’m their boy. Do you know how many fucking big ass moves I’ve pulled off? You aint got no clue man. No clue. I know some very powerful people bro that know very powerful people on the outsides of the border. Look what I do – I’ve done it for 30 years”.

Staubs told Jeremiah Regan he had no clue.

But I do.

For instance…

Staubs told me he personally met with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and was giving her intelligence.

The implications of Staubs working for HIDTA are almost incalculable.

According to the White House and DEA websites:

The purpose of the HIDTA program is to reduce drug trafficking and production in the United States by:

  • Facilitating cooperation among Federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies to share information and implement coordinated enforcement activities;
  • Enhancing law enforcement intelligence sharing among Federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies;
  • Providing reliable law enforcement intelligence to law enforcement agencies to facilitate the design of effective enforcement strategies and operations; and
  • Supporting coordinated law enforcement strategies that make the most of available resources to reduce the supply of illegal drugs in designated areas of the United States and in the Nation as a whole.

William Staubs was a private licensed bail bondsman, private licensed PI, covertly working for a federal drug task force.

It means – that although the American public thought Staubs was simply your average wannabe ‘bounty hunter’ interjecting himself into a big case in pursuit of a reality TV show (which he was also doing) – state and federal law enforcement officers working the kidnapping case knew Staubs was a contract agent for the feds.

Now – before I go any further on this – I am going to spell out exactly where this is all going – # P E D O G A T E and Satanic Ritual Abuse.

You are going to get a peek inside the goblins nest.

Staubs told First Coast News reporter Jessica Clark he became involved in the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping case at the request of Rev. Richard Grund who was a case witness in the Casey Anthony murder trial in Orlando. Staubs told Clark he was being funded by a “drug dealer” in Miami.

Grund and Staubs both told me there was a conspiracy against Grund by Casey Anthony’s family which they called “The A-Team”. Grund and Staubs claimed there was a plot to plant semen and pubic hair on the body of two year-old Caylee Anthony to implicate Grund’s family.

So – Grund is saying that if CSI finds semen and pubic hair on a two year-old that died with duct-tape over her mouth – and the genetics match his family – it was planted.

I would encourage a television network to contact Richard Grund and ask him about that. If not – contact me – I have it on tape.

Staubs was followed into the case by a man named John Regan, a supposed pastor from Hastings, Florida – along with his son Jeremiah Regan.

Also following Staubs into the case was CNN journalist Art Harris, Author Wayanne Kruger, and a civil divorce attorney from Broward County (name withheld by Timothy Holmseth in compliance with a fraudulently obtained Florida court order issued against me in a Divorce Court (DVCE) regarding a person I have never met in my life) and her entire staff.

The aforementioned individuals were part of a group working together. The law office possessed child rape pornography of the missing child’s vagina, which was never given to law enforcement – a fact never or made public by anyone but me.

The group publically interjected itself into the HaLeigh Cummings case in early March, 2009.

The activities of the group were chronicled by their media operative, former CNN journalist Art Harris who was colluding with Nancy Grace, Jane Valez Mitchell, and the HLN fake news infotainment arm of CNN.

Harris‘ online articles reveal an utterly bizarre odyssey that Staubs and his attorney colleague took through the East Palatka ‘hood’ where they met with drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, and felons during their ‘search’ for HaLeigh.

Spoiler: They were not searching for HaLeigh because they already possessed HaLeigh because they were the ones that faked her kidnapping to create reasonable doubt in the Caylee Anthony case by pretending there was a child killer and rapist on the lose.

On one occasion, Staubs telephoned me and put me on the phone with a mafia figure from Miami he introduced as “Sammy the Bull”. The man began telling me that they could make “Misty Croslin” talk. He explained how they would lay plastic down on the floor and start by using “drills”. In the background I could hear Staubs laughing and talking about “water-boarding” the “little bitch”.

A few weeks later…

In April, 2009 a massive $24 Million drug bust took place in East Palatka, Florida; the largest ever in Putnam County.

On August 17, 2017, The St. Augustine Record reported:

A Putnam County man was sentenced to life in federal prison for drug trafficking charges on Aug. 11 by U.S. Attorney A. Brian Albritton.

James Charles Jones Jr., 60, was arrested by Putnam County deputies in April 2009 at the largest drug bust in Putnam County history, according to a Putnam County Sheriff’s Office report.

The Putnam County Drug/Vice Unit worked with agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration North Florida Task Force and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to search two houses at 228 and 230 San Jose in East Palatka in April 2009, the report said.

Staubs was working with that federally funded task force (when he wasn’t hanging out with Sammy the Bull, involved in kidnappings, and being arrested for false imprisonment).

The HaLeigh Cummings investigation was compromised from day one.

In 2017, Tina Church, the mother of an OSI Colonel stationed on Capital Hill started calling and threatening public officials in Polk County, Minnesota regarding the HaLeigh Cummings case.

Particularly – Church wanted law enforcement in Minnesota to arrest me and put me in a mental institute – her words.

Although my interviews regarding the HaLeigh Cummings case began in 2009; and I was interviewed by the FBI in 2010; it was not until 2011 that I stumbled across Tina Church who is the president of an Indiana corporation called Specialized Investigative Consultants Inc.

Church telephoned me upset about an article I published on www.writeintoaction.com regarding several aggressive telephone messages Church left on the answering machine of a young women named Chelsea Croslin, Port Orange, Florida.

Chelsea Croslin is the sister-in-law of Misty Croslin, the girl Florida law enforcement officially calls “the key” to solving the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping case.

Misty Croslin was arrested in 2010, along with HaLeigh’s father Ronald Cummings, for drug trafficking, and subsequently sentenced to 25 years in prison. An FDLE agent testified that Misty Croslin, a child rape survivor who had the reading level of a fourth grader, was the kingpin of the pill sales operation.

Chelsea Croslin said Church telephoned her after she (Chelsea) was contacted by an associate of Church from Florida (name withheld by Timothy Holmseth in compliance with a Florida court order based upon Florida dating law regarding another person I never met in my life – hereby referred to as Jane) who told her Church would be calling her.

In reality – it was a scheme by Church and Jane. Church used Jane to call Chelsea Croslin so it would not appear Church proactively sought her out (although she really did using an agent).

Chelsea Croslin said Church claimed she once worked the “JonBenet Ramsey” case and did a full background “intake” with Chelsea over the phone in advance of being her PI.

Chelsea Croslin said she later found out Church was simply harvesting private information about her family, and then giving it to a psychologically disturbed young man and agent of her corporation from Tennessee named Levi Page who was publishing it on the Web.

Chelsea Croslin said Church knew all about an FBI child pornography raid that was going to take place in Louisville, Kentucky at the home of Danny Druck – before it even happened. Church told the Croslin family that HaLeigh’s DNA had been found in Druck’s home.

After Chelsea Croslin terminated her relationship with Church, Church left Chelsea Croslin an angry voice mail that warned she was messing with the “big dogs” and reminded Chelsea that if she wanted help she had been told to “keep your fucking mouth shut”.

When I spoke to Church about Chelsea Croslin she said, “My oldest son is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force; works on Capital Hill with the Office of Special Investigations,” Church said.

That was second time I came upon a connection to a federal agency touching the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping.

Church would continue to refer to her military officer son in future conversations with me and ominously warned me “you don’t know who my son is” – telling me he turned down a job offer by the FBI to avoid a dramatic cut in pay.

Church’s connection to Washington D.C. through her son, and Staubs’ connection through HIDTA, was not the only tie between the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping and Capital Hill.


In 2009, a convicted sex offender from Hastings, Florida named John Regan dressed as a pastor and told searchers for HaLeigh that he was with the FBI and CIA as an “undercover pedophile”.

Author Wayanne Kruger said John Regan told her he once infiltrated a child sex trafficking operation near Putnam County, Florida – saying that he was “headquartered” in “Washington”.

Richard Grund told me that John Regan boasted to him that he flashed his “chaplain’s badge” to security officers in the Jacksonville Airport and got around security.

Okay – so now we have Staubs with HIDTA – Church with her son in OSI – and John Regan with the FBI and CIA.

Kruger said John Regan showed her the houses where “they were keeping young kids” and the police were going there and having sex with them. Kruger said John Regan told her the FBI already had HaLeigh but wanted to keep it quiet.

Kruger told me John Regan was part of an infant sales operation that acquired babies and sold them to purchasers in Belgium. She said John Regan’s ‘pastor’ act was part of the operation that used Church dossiers ad forged medical documents to get children under the age of two through the United States Embassy.

Staubs told me John Regan was “hiding out” in Hastings; said John Regan had contacts in the Jacksonville FBI; and could mobilize an entire “task force”.

During a private search for HaLeigh in March, 2009, John Regan told a dog handler named Judy Lucia that he was undercover with the FBI. Lucia said after they found a “bloody glove” and a bunch of other items linked to HaLeigh, John Regan “cleared” the items for removal.

Major Gary Bowling, the director of law enforcement at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office at the time, admitted to me the Sheriff’s Office knew about the items and believed they were planted.

John Regan’s involvement with the FBI appears a little bit different when listening to his son, Jeremiah Regan describe the relationship. Jeremiah Regan defensively told me his dad “cooperated” with the FBI and infiltrated what Jeremiah Regan called a “slave camp”. Background check information I obtained shows John Regan is a convicted sex offender.

In 2011, during a heated exchange between Staubs and Church that I recorded, Church warned Staubs that if he crossed her he would have to deal with her son who is a “Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force”.

In July of 2011, Church filed a false police report to the East Grand Forks Police Department in Minnesota claiming I told her I had HaLeigh Cummings in my home.

The fake report by Church resulted in police officers being dispatched to my home to make sure I did not possess the person of a child that had been missing for two years.

In 2016, Church telephoned me irate about an interview with Wayanne Kruger that I published. The article revealed Church may have been caught on video with HaLeigh Cummings, Kruger, and HaLeigh’s maternal family in 2009 – shortly after HaLeigh disappeared.

When Church telephoned me in 2016, she abruptly claimed the false police report to the EGFPD in 2011 regarding HaLeigh’s whereabouts was actually made by Jane and the psychologically troubled Page.

But – Church had only just begun to make telephone calls.

As recent as July, 2017, Church told me she called the police, prosecutors, and even said she telephoned Assistant Chief State Judge Tamara Yon in Crookston, Minnesota to privately discuss matters involving a court case I filed pertaining to Church and her operation.

Church claims she telephoned Ronald Galstad, the attorney for the City of East Grand Forks, Minnesota and put the City of EGF on “notice” that her attorney from Chicago would be filing a lawsuit against the City if the City did not involuntarily commit me into a mental institution for electro shock treatments.


I have secret audio that was mailed to me that has never been heard by the public that proves everything I just stated.


  • Ninth Minnesota District, Family Division, Polk County, Court Number 60-FA-13-468
  • U.S. District Court – Northern District of Florida – Pensacola, Case Number 3:17cv667 (MCR/CJK)
  • U.S. District Court – District of Minnesota – Case Number – 14-cv-2970 (DWF/LIB)


Flight of the Intruder: Statement by Author Timothy Charles Holmseth

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on September 15, 2017, 11:43 P.M. CST

As military buffs certainly know, the U.S. Navy and Air Force used certain pilots and aircraft during the Vietnam War to fly dangerously low as they baited the North Vietnamese Army to activate their radar-guided anti-aircraft missiles launchers – the pilots did it so the enemy’s location could be exposed.

The pilot would actually allow the enemy to lock their radar onto his aircraft – it required nerves because he had to dodge the enemy missile at the last second (or never see his family again).

That said…

I am proud to say that beginning in 2009 I conducted over one hundred hours of recorded interviews with key figures (including law enforcement officers) in the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping, and Caylee Anthony murder case (some recordings were requested from me during my interviews with the FBI).

Here’s the awesome part.

Between 2011 and 2017, I have had Polk County, Minnesota deputy sheriff’s at my door to serve me not one; not two; but THREE domestic violence restraining orders, which were placed against me by judges in the State of Florida.

I have NEVER personally met any of the three petitioners in my life.

Why I am proud of that?


The bogus court orders, obviously, were not really requested for the reason stated in the petition.

Each bogus petition contained very specific requests for the Florida judge to force me to retroactively remove content that I had already legally published about the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping. Flight of the Intruder

The information I published was always based upon actual recorded interviews, and other media I acquired, during the fact gathering process. I have everything on tape and in multiple secure locations.

I’m particularly proud of the Broward County order because it was filed in the divorce division (DVCE) by an actual divorce attorney, and issued against me by a divorce judge that the divorce attorney personally knew. Flight of the Intruder

The Broward judge even ordered that I not advertise or sell my hard copy book about the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping online. Flight of the Intruder

The bogus nuisance orders are free (no cost) for anyone to request by simply walking into a courthouse and filling it out – claiming anything – winning if the Minnesotan does not travel to Florida.

But here is what these bogus orders have EXPOSED.

Nobody has ever once attempted to make a claim that I am LYING or publishing false information about HaLeigh Cummings, Caylee Anthony, or a baby sales operation run through the U.S. Embassy to purchasers in Belgium. Such a claim would be done by filing a civil lawsuit against me.

Instead – ‘domestic violence protection orders’ are used to request a judge issue an order to create the illusion that what I have published is not true.

On July 24, 2107, I filed a MOTION in the 9th Minnesota Judicial District that lays out the entire blueprint of the kidnapping and child porn ring that targeted me and my family after I uncovered who they were and what they were doing and how they were working with police. Flight of the Intruder

My sworn affidavit contains a list of participants I can identify as part of the #pedogater group. Flight of the Intruder

After filing my Minnesota case, I was telephoned by Tina Church, president, Specialized Investigative Consultants Inc, Mishawka, Indiana. Church told me she advised everybody I named in my affidavit to file restraining orders against me in their respective states. Flight of the Intruder

On September 15, 2017, William Murtaugh, who is named in my Minnesota court filing, published the following at his website;  http://murtwitnessonelive.com/2017/09/timothy-holmseth-v-the-internet-trying-to-claim-victory-out-of-a-defeat/

‘As the orders pile up against him, Holmseth will be forced to redact name after name after name causing him to be unable to accuse a specific person by name and thus defeat the whole purpose of his defamatory smear campaign against people who he has never met.

That will be, at least a partial victory for all of us who have had to endure the false claims he has made against us for almost a decade.

Timothy C Holmseth has yet to provide one single varifyable piece of evidence to back up his claims. In addition he has also flat out lied when advocating his claims against virtually everyone he has targeted.’

  • William Murtaugh

I have everything on audio but cannot publish much of it or I will be arrested. Call me TMZ – Call me National Enquirer – Call me …

Craig (Sawman) Sawyer, former Marine and Navy Seal, heads a team called vets4childrescue

Sawyer recently appealed to the American public on the Alex Jones radio program, that if these babies and children that are being raped, tortured, and locked in cages must suffer this horror and evil – the least we can do as a people is acknowledge it and fight to compromise their satanic operation.

If my efforts means something to you, I ask you that show it by donating to Craig Sawyer and his team at VETS4CHILDRESCUE – https://vets4childrescue.org/

Please let what I am doing mean something.


CAYLEE ANTHONY and HALEIGH CUMMINGS: Sworn affidavit to U.S. Court is a bell that will never stop ringing

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on September 14, 2017, 9:10 P.M. CST

Do I have PROOF of what really happened to Caylee Anthony and HaLeigh Cummings?

Do I have the involved parties on tape talking about it?

If I don’t – I must now be charged with perjury (filing a false affidavit) or sued in a civil court.

I’ll explain.

The U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Florida has remanded my recently filed NOTICE OF REMOVAL back to the First Judicial Circuit Court in Santa Rosa County, Florida citing lack of Subject Matter jurisdiction.

I filed the request to the U.S. Court after (yet another) Florida resident requested a State court to force me to remove legally published articles.

There is a group of individuals that are individually named in multiple court filings in a pending Minnesota case that are scheming to petition the Florida courts for ‘domestic violence law’ retraining orders/injunctions against me; they simply file the petition (which is free) and hope a judge in Florida will grant a restraining order against a man in Minnesota because the Minnesotan did not attend the court hearing (i.e. take an un-planned expensive Florida vacation).

The catch is – the petitioner tries to convince the judge to order something that was legally published long ago that went completely un-challenged for years – to be REMOVED from the Web.

However – in this instance – the Florida State Court in Santa Rosa County did not order me to remove anything that was already published.

That may be why the federal court remanded.

While I am not a lawyer, I took an honest shot at proving federal question.

The point is – I MADE A SWORN STATEMENT about an international child sex trafficking operation that involved people claiming they work undercover for the FBI and CIA – including a man that claimed he was an “undercover pedophile”.

Below is a portion.


  1. The U.S. District Court has Federal Question Jurisdiction under 28 U.S. Code § 1331 because – – – – – ’S Petition to the Florida State Court includes a request for the State of Florida to force HOLMSETH, a Minnesota resident, to remove legally published content protected by the 1st Amendment from his online publication(s) that contains evidence of federal crimes by – – – – – ’S attorney, – – – – – , and shows multiple members of her law office staff, possessed child rape pornography of a kidnapped child in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2251- Sexual Exploitation of Children (Production of child pornography) and 18 U.S.C. § 2252- Certain activities relating to material involving the sexual exploitation of minors (Possession, distribution and receipt of child pornography).
  1. The U.S. District Court has Federal Question Jurisdiction under 28 U.S. Code § 1331 because – – – – – ’S Petition to the Florida State Court includes a request for the State of Florida to force HOLMSETH, a Minnesota resident, to remove legally published content protected by the 1st Amendment from his online publication(s) that contains evidence and/or information about a federal crime committed by JOHN REGAN, a convicted sex offender, who was the father of a – – – – –  law office employee, JEREMIAH REGAN, and who claimed to be both an FBI and CIA agent during the search for HaLeigh Cummings in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 912 – Officer or employee of the United States.
  1. The U.S. Court has Supplemental Jurisdiction under 28 U.S. Code § 1367 because – – – – – ’S Petition to the Florida State Court includes a request for the Court situated in Santa Rosa County, Florida, to force HOLMSETH to remove legally published content about the abuse of prisoners in Santa Rosa County; abuse that was alleged online by – – – – –  and – – – – –  to advance a blackmail scheme against the County of Santa Rosa, Florida, which was successful – leaving the alleged prisoner abuse violations of the 8th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution un-investigated.
  1. The U.S. Court has Supplemental Jurisdiction under 28 U.S. Code § 1367 because Prima Facie evidence shows – – – – –  and – – – – –  successfully blackmailed/extorted somebody within the Santa Rosa County legal system; and could do it again. HOLMSETH’S cannot be guaranteed a fair hearing in the Florida State court.
  1. The U.S. Court has Federal Question Jurisdiction under 28 U.S. Code § 1331 because – – – – – ’S Petition to the Florida State Court includes a direct reference to, and relies upon the credibility of, a domestic violence protection order obtained by – – – – –  against HOLMSETH in the Divorce Division (DVCE) of the Broward County, Florida courts, which HOLMSETH maintains and asserts was fraudulently obtained by – – – – –  in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 241 – Conspiracy against rights.
  1. The U.S. Court has Federal Question Jurisdiction under 28 U.S. Code § 1331 because TINA CHURCH, an associate of – – – – –  and other conspirator named in the Minnesota court case, telephoned HOLMSETH and warned him she advised everybody HOLMSETH named in his Minnesota case Affidavit to file retraining orders against HOLMSETH in violation of  18 U.S. Code § 241 – Conspiracy against rights.
  1. The U.S. District Court has Federal Question Jurisdiction under 28 U.S. Code § 1331 because HOLMSETH has evidence – – – – – ’S attorney – – – – –  is conspiring with – – – – – , and others associated with SPECIALIZED INVESTIGATIVE CONSULTANTS INC (hereby collectively referred to as THE GROUP), against HOLMSETH, in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 241 – Conspiracy against rights; in effort to violate HOLMSETH’S 1st Amendment protections.
  1. The conspiracy against rights violations against HOLMSETH have been perpetually occurring since 2009 after HOLMSETH, a journalist, and subsequently an FBI witness, learned information about the kidnapping of HaLeigh Ann-Marie Cummings, 5, Satsuma Florida.
  1. HaLeigh Cummings, 5, was reported missing from her Satsuma, Florida home on February 10, 2009. An Amber Alert was issued for HaLeigh. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is presently seeking information from the public regarding the whereabouts of HaLeigh.
  1.  HOLMSETH’S 1st Amendment protections are being unlawfully targeted and violated by THE GROUP because HOLMSETH acquired secret details about on-goings within THE GROUP that unlawfully caused HaLeigh Cummings to be sexually exploited, disappear, and be transported across state lines.
  1. HOLMSETH’s rights are being violated because he acquired and possesses evidence HaLeigh Cummings was transported across state lines by TINA CHURCH and others in THE GROUP, in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 1201 – Kidnapping; CHURCH not a being a relative to HaLeigh Cummings as defined in Section G of same.
  1. HOLMSETH’S rights are being violated because he acquired and possesses evidence TINA CHURCH, in conspiracy and careful forethought with others in THE GROUP, violated 18 U.S. Code § 1512 – Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant, because HaLeigh Cummings was a witness to a murder that occurred at 202 Green Lane, Satsuma, Florida.
  1. The rights violations under 18 U.S. Code § 241 – Conspiracy against rights include violations against HOLMSETH by the CITY OF EAST GRAND FORKS, MINNESOTA and the EAST GRAND FORKS POLICE DEPARTMENT who conspired with THE GROUP against HOLMSETH’S 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment protections.
  1. HOLMSETH is receiving very serious threats from someone calling from telephone numbers and speaking into a voice changer and demanding HOLMSETH remove his websites from publication. The threats are made from numbers of PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP (the President’s resorts and Trump Organization), CLINTON GLOBAL, STATE OF FLORIDA ATTORNEY GENERAL PAM BONDI, FLORIDA GOVERNOR RICK SCOTT, CNN, REPUBLICAN PARTY, NEW JERSEY GOVERNOR CHRIS CHRISTIE, TEXAS EQUUSEARCH, warning HOLMSETH to remove his websites or very bad things will happen to HOLMSETH and his family including a threat to kidnap HOLMSETH’S grand child in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 875 – Interstate communications
  1. HOLMSETH’S rights are being violated by THE GROUP because HOLMSETH obtained testimonial evidence from an employee of – – – – –  – – – – –  LAW OFFICE P.A. that child rape pornography had been created of HaLeigh Cummings and was in the possession of – – – – –  – – – – –  LAW OFFICE P.A. in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 2251 – Sexual exploitation of children
  1. HOLMSETH learned – – – – –  – – – – –  LAW OFFICE P.A. gave a CD containing explicit photos of HaLeigh’s Cummings’ damaged vagina to a Florida DCF social worker named BONNIE WARNER during an undocumented exchange in a gas station parking lot after hours. WARNER discussed the HaLeigh Cummings case with – – – – – ’S private investigator, WILLIAM STAUBS on the telephone from her home after business hours. HOLMSETH captured WARNER on recording admitting/confirming receipt of the CD that contained the explicit photos of HaLeigh Cummings, and stating she never gave it to her supervisor in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 2251 – Sexual exploitation of children.
  1. HOLMSETH was told by WAYANNE KRUGER, who was the official advocate of CRYSTAL SHEFFIELD (the mother of HaLeigh Cummings, 5) that HaLeigh witnessed her father, RONALD CUMMINGS, murder a man in their trailer home at 202 Green Lane, Satsuma, Florida, shortly before HaLeigh Cummings vanished. KRUGER said RONALD CUMMINGS beat the man’s head in with a pistol. KRUGER said HaLeigh watched her father drag the man’s dead body into the woods.
  1. HOLMSETH was told by WAYANNE KRUGER that during the time of the aforementioned murder, there was an argument that involved several adults. During the argument JOHN MARCUS SHEFFIELD who is HaLeigh’s maternal grandfather, yelled ‘he’s letting people fuck my grand daughter!”
  1. – – – – –  is conspiring against HOLMSETH’S rights because in 2011, – – – – – ’S private investigator, WILLIAM STAUBS, through his attorney Doug Roberts, advised – – – – –  that he purged his (STAUB’S) computer and file system off all files that – – – – –  was seeking from STAUBS via a subpoena; and that he sent the files to HOLMSETH.
  1. The audio files HOLMSETH received un-solicited from STAUBS contain audio recordings that contain voices that include – – – – –  – – – – – , WILLIAM STAUBS, JEREMIAH REGAN, MATTHEW STAUBS, – – – – –  – – – – – , and PAULA ANDREWS.
  1. The un-solicited audio files HOLMSETH received have placed HOLMSETH in danger because the content of the files implicates multiple persons in criminal activity. The content is also very embarrassing to many.
  1. – – – – –  – – – – –  was engaged in an ongoing sexual relationship with JEREMIAH REGAN, an unknown drifter that appeared from nowhere to work for – – – – –  LAW OFFICE P.A. and become the co-administrator of a facility called the HaLeigh Bug Center which was set up by – – – – –  – – – – –  and her convicted felon (federal fraud) husband – – – – –  – – – – –  to obtain investigative tips (even though they are not law enforcement) and accept cash donations.
  1. – – – – –  – – – – –  accused JEREMIAH REGAN of ‘rubbing all over her’.
  1. JEREMIAH REGAN and WILLIAM STAUBS laugh and giggle as WILLIAM STAUBS asks JEREMIAH REGAN ‘did you nut?’ (ejaculate) (when he had sex with – – – – –  – – – – – ) and they break out in laughter when JEREMIAH REGAN indicates he ejaculated three times.
  1. JEREMIAH REGAN provided graphic details to others about – – – – –  – – – – – ’S body and feminine hygiene and called – – – – –  – – – – – and – – – – -.
  1. JERMEMIAH REGAN threatened to sue – – – – –  – – – – –  for sexual harassment because he was working for – – – – – law office when they had sex.
  1. JEREMIAH REGAN telephoned – – – – –  – – – – –  and confessed ‘I fucked your wife’.
  1. – – – – –  – – – – –  later told HOLMSETH during an interview that WILLIAM STAUBS shoved a gun in JEREMIAH REGAN’S mouth and forced JEREMIAH REGAN to call – – – – –  – – – – –  and falsely confess to having sex with his wife – – – – –  – – – – – .
  1. – – – – –  – – – – –  told JEREMIAH REGAN she secured a $231 Million biofuel contract for a company called Alterative Biofuels Technologies Inc. (ABT) through (former) Florida Governor Charlie Christ. – – – – –  – – – – –  told JEREMIAH REGAN he could have an executive position at ABT if he kept his mouth shut.
  1. – – – – –  – – – – –  telephoned HOLMSETH and said he gave JEREMIAH REGAN a job at his biofuel company ABT.
  1. ABT was seized by the FBI during the federal RICO investigation against now convicted Ponzi schemer SCOTT W. ROTHSTEIN.
  1. SCOTT ROTHSTEIN’S Ponzi scheme involved matters connected to convicted sex offender JEFFREY EPSTEIN who is notorious for allegedly flying wealthy businessmen and political leaders to ‘Pedophile Island’ on the ‘Lolita Express’ to commit atrocities against children.
  1. – – – – –  – – – – –  forwarded internal work-product law office emails to HOLMSETH pertaining to the search for the missing child HaLeigh Cummings which came from her law office – – – – –  L. – – – – –  P.A. The emails were also sent to ROTHSTEIN, ROSENFELDT, and ADLER.
  1. – – – – –  – – – – –  advised HOLMSETH her lawyer was Pedro Dijols Rothstein, Rosenfeldt, Adler. Attorney Dijols confirmed to HOLMSETH he was – – – – – ’S attorney.
  1. JEREMIAH REGAN confided very sensitive sexual information to – – – – –  – – – – –  about his childhood and father, JOHN REGAN, which – – – – –  – – – – –  did not hold secure and told others.
  1. WILLIAM STAUBS told HOLMSETH that JOHN REGAN molested his own son, JEREMIAH REGAN.
  1. – – – – –  – – – – –  told PAULA ANDREWS that JEREMIAH REGAN was abused as a child, was a nut case, and disappeared for nine months without telling his family his whereabouts.
  1. JOHN REGAN is a convicted child molester that dressed as a pastor and told multiple persons during the search for the missing child HaLeigh Cummings that he was working undercover for the FBI as a pedophile. JOHN REGAN also told multiple persons he was a CIA agent.
  1. WAYANNE KRUGER told HOLMSETH that JOHN REGAN told her the FBI had HaLeigh in their possession but wanted to keep it quiet.
  1. WAYANNE KRUGER told HOLMSETH that JOHN REGAN was part of an infant sales operation in Florida that involved – – – – –  – – – – –  and – – – – –  – – – – – . KRUGER described the operation that involved accessing babies from young unwed expecting mothers and/or exploitable illegal aliens fearing deportation. KRUGER said the operation had operatives inside Florida DCF. KRUGER said the human child trafficking involved forged medical documents and dossiers to move children under two years old through the United States Embassy and onto international flights to purchasers including purchasers in Belgium in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 2251 – Sexual exploitation of children.