Extortion reported to Polk County Sheriff

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

William Murtaughby

Timothy Charles Holmseth

An organized crime apparatus based out of Florida recently attempted to blackmail Timothy Charles Holmseth, author/journalist, East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

Evidence supporting a felony occurred has been turned over to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

On August 24, 2013, William Murtaugh, Orange County, Florida contacted Holmseth by email and solicited innapropriate information about his children.

Evidence, exhibits, facts, and circumstances show Murtaugh was acting as an agent of a CNN commentator, Levi Page, and several others.

All of Murtaugh’s actions show he was strategically extorting Holmseth, and after sufficiently harassing, intimidating, and demanding information, began to publish the names of Holmseth’s children surrounded by false and misleading content.

Murtaugh, a retired truck driver, holds no degree in journalism but operates a blog that focuses very heavily on missing children cases, pedophilia, and rape.

Publications and correspondences authored by Murtaugh show he is in regular communication and contact with several individual(s) that regularly discuss Holmseth.

One name (being withheld from this article) will likely be of great interest to the law enforcement community.

In his emails to Holmseth, Murtaugh relayed statements he had obtained from Levi Page, and then let Holmseth know he (Holmseth) would be required to disprove what Page was saying about him and his children.

Murtaugh’s actions fall within a tactic commonly referred to as reverse-blackmail and extortion. It is used by organized crime to intimidate, control, and/or silence a person/witness.

Murtaugh’s actions are a continuation of a blackmail scheme that was developed and set forth against Holmseth, a seasoned newspaper reporter, in 2009, after he conducted journalistic interviews regarding a missing child from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings.

Holmseth was interviewed by the Minneapolis FBI in 2010 regarding the missing child case, and provided audio interviews he conducted to the Jacksonville FBI.

Holmseth is a target of extortion and blackmail because of what he knows about the case of the missing child.

1.The target is contacted and given instructions regarding what is expected of them (warned) and told what will happen if they don’t comply
2.Extremely defamatory accusations (lies) are made against the target and/or the target’s children using a method that will generate a legal document
3.The target is then contacted by a third part posing as a media member that asserts they are doing a ‘story’ about the accusations contained in the document

The ‘story’ is actually a well coordinated threat designed to acquire capitulation from the target.

In 2009, Art Harris, formerly of CNN, and others that are documented as being in contact with Murtaugh, established communications with Rhonda Callahan, Manvel, North Dakota.

Callahan has a child in common with Holmseth.

In May of 2009, Polk County Social Services (PCSS) began to receive CPS complaints about Holmseth. The complainant professed to be concerned about Holmseth’s children, advised the social worker Holmseth was not mentally stable, and mentioned the missing child HaLeigh Cummings during every call.

Although the caller’s name is redacted from the PCSS CPS reports, a police incident report from the East Grand Forks Police Department (EGFPD) reveals Rhonda Callahan is named as a caller, and made at least one CPS report against Holmseth (if not all of them).

In 2011, a full email thread created in 2009 was turned over to Holmseth by William Staubs, a private investigator from Florida. The email thread showed that in 2009, Callahan had been communicating with Art Harris, William Staubs, REDACTED, and Callahan’s lawyer, Attorney Michael Jorgensen. The group was discussing how to go about making a CPS complaint against Holmseth that would allege he was sleeping with a loaded gun.

After the bogus report was made by Callahan, and Holmseth was visited by CPS and the EGFPD, Art Harris published the ‘story’ for the public to read.

The tactic was repeated many times against Holmseth.

The publication of fabricated documents about Holmseth and his children was brought to the attention of the Minnesota District Court in 2011 after a former police officer from North Carolina saw the content on an x-rated cyber-stalk-site and reported it.

On November 7, 2011 Attorney Jorgensen was forced to write a letter to Honorable Donna Dixon regarding the publication of documents regarding Holmseth’s minor children, after he received a phone call from a concerned agency. Attorney Jorgenson was contacted because the published document that was published was so new, Holmseth did not have a copy – but Jorgenson’s client did.

In his letter to the Judge, Jorgenson said, “Apparently someone posted the letter report I received from [Agency Name] and submitted with our Motion documents to the court, on Twitter. I do not believe Mr. Holmseth posted this report, but rather someone who Mr. Holmseth angered in Florida.”

In 2013, an attorney from Michael Jorgenson’s law firm, Michael Mattocks, told a District Judge, Honorable Tamara Yon, that Callahan had never made any CPS reports.

Holmseth has been in communications with the Minnesota Attorney General regarding this and other matters.

Holmseth spoke with Sheriff Erdman and Investigator Jim Tadman on Wednesday.

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