Broward County Judge connected to CIA child trafficking operation?

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by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 26, 2017, 9:20 A.M. CST

Is Judge Michael G. Kaplan in Broward County, Florida knowingly involved in an international kidnapping and baby sales operation?

It seems a given that Kaplan is involved in something very nefarious that should be investigated by the United State Department of Justice.

Judge Michael G. Kaplan

On February 10, 2009 a five year-old named HaLeigh Cummings vanished from her Florida home. In January of 2011 Timothy Charles Holmseth, an investigative author from Minnesota authored the first book about the national profile kidnapping.

On January 21, 2011 NEWS4JAX published the following:

Haleigh Book Promises ‘Shocking Truth’

Minnesota Resident Writes First Book On Fla. Missing Girl Case

Posted: 12:58 PM, January 21, 2011Updated: 12:58 PM, January 21, 2011

PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. – Nearly two years after Haleigh Cummings disappeared from her Putnam County home, a Minnesota man has written the first book on the case that made national headlines.

The book’s title promises to reveal the “Shocking Truth” about the case.

The author, Timothy Holmseth, has been looking into the case and was interviewed by the FBI so investigators could find out what he learned. The book covers the details he told to the FBI about what happened to the missing 5-year-old girl, who investigators have presumed dead.

The book is comprised primarily of direct quotes from recorded interviews conducted by Holmseth and has never been challenged in court.


Kaplan, a domestic violence judge, got involved.

His decision and actions are bizarre and defy all reason and logic.

On September 8, 2011 Kaplan, a judge with the 17th Judicial Circuit in Broward County, issued a Domestic Violence Protection Order against Holmseth.

The Petitioner against Holmseth was a divorce attorney from Broward County who represented Crystal Sheffield, the mother of HaLeigh Cummings, until she became the subject of a BAR complaint by Sheffield who fired her in 2009. Sheffield’s new attorney directed her former attorney to Cease and Desist talking about Sheffield’s daughter, HaLeigh.

Holmseth and the Petitioner never personally met but had a well documented media relationship involving the exchange of information about the missing child case. The Petitioner told Holmseth she was a member of the HaLeigh Task Force and was coordinating leads with detectives.

Holmseth, an award winning news reporter, had never been charged with, or even accused of, any type of crime against the Petitioner in either Minnesota or Florida and simply reported what he learned during interviews.

Kaplan’s Order against Holmseth stated:

‘Petition for injunction for protection against repeat (after notice)-the respondent shall not make any direct or indirect reference about the petitioner on the internet or by use of electronic communication. The respondent shall remove all books, writings, videos, photos, recording and/or materials currently published on the internet about the petitioner forthwith’

The Order was focused squarely on INFORMATION obtained by Holmseth during his recorded interviews. .


Records show that shortly after interviewing the Petitioner, as well as multiple members of her legal team, Holmseth IMMEDIATLEY contacted the FBI, Florida Attorney General, and Putnam County Sheriff’s Office after learning the Petitioner was working with a fake pastor (convicted sex offender) named John Regan who claimed he was a CIA and FBI agent.

Holmseth learned the Petitioner possessed rape pornography of HaLeigh Cummings and according to her own private investigator, William (Cobra) Staubs, was attempting to frame an innocent black man named Gregory Page for murder.

Emails exchanged in July, 2009 between the Petitioner’s official media consultant Art Harris (CNN/Nancy Grace) and Lt. Rodney Hajicek at the East Grand Forks Police Department in Minnesota, revealed Harris and Hajicek were secretly communicating using their private email accounts. In one of the emails Harris told Hajicek the FBI in Florida was working with Holmseth and Holmseth needed to be “stopped”.

Hajicek possessed a secret copy of a 56 page report Holmseth authored for the FBI that detailed the illegal activities of the Petitioner and her associates.


What exactly were they all trying to suppress

A CIA baby sales and sex trafficking operation!

Holmseth learned from Sheffield’s advocate, Wayanne Kruger, the protégé of Attorney Gloria Allred, that the Petitioner had been working for decades with CIA operative John Regan to traffic stolen children and infants through the U.S. Embassy.


In July, 2017 Holmseth filed a Motion to Vacate in the Minnesota 9th Judicial District after acquiring evidence that proved the judicial community in Minnesota conspired with members of the Florida judicial community to target Holmseth.

On August 24, 2017 the Broward Court issued a Bench Warrant for Holmseth.

The Minnesota case is scheduled for December 13, 2017 at the Polk County Justice Center in Crookston, Minnesota.



  1. Yet another officer of the court falsely accused by the tin hat pizza delivery dude. When is this silliness going to stop?

    MURT or is it really MURT?

  2. Mel says:

    If I read articles here correctly the attorney in Florida is the main focus with defending friends sucked in. If any or all of the information is true one can see why. This information has come from a woman named Wayanne Kruger. If she told Mr. Holmseth a whopper of a story why isn’t she the focus of all this hyper legal activity? Not a person who tells her story. This I do not understand. Other people have contributed yet I have seen no denials commented here by anyone. If all contributing people are liars why not require public retractions? One assumes if public retractions were made this would stop. There would be nothing to say. It raises the question as to why those retractions are not asked to be made public There is a reason.

    With Mr. Holmseth silenced the material remains in existence. This will not end well. Someone with a curiosity can easily pick this information up and publish it. No doubt conspiracists have already copied changing to their own format.

    • Mel says:

      Conspiracy theories have a life of their own. They never die. When a conspiracy theory is farcical people ignore it. No one is ignoring this. It leaves one to question why so much effort by so many in shutting Mr. Holmseth down. This blog isn’t the Miami Herald or the Sun Sentinel.

      • Nobody is trying to shut Holmseth down. People just want him to quit making false accusations against people that have nothing to do with what he writes about. I personally do not care who he writes about as long as he leaves me out of his baloney. How anyone thinks a pizza delivery driver is going to solve anything is beyond me. But if that is what people want to believe, be my guest.

    • I think I stated quite a while back that Tim is the only one that is restricted from mentioning the Atty by name. I have mentioned her by name on my blog and have never suffered any legal ramifications. Most of what I have put on my blogs are negative about her. Anyone else on here can do the exact same thing. I agree with Mel on that part.

  3. ridiculous says:

    You are right Mel. if this is all a stupid joke why bother. Forget it. i remember the lawsuit when he was sued and he had to stop but the attacking him didnt stop. I thought that was crazy. it was crazy. I say he may be obcessed with the attorney but she just as obcessed with him. I agree the question is why.

  4. ridiculous says:

    I take that back. She is more obcessed with him than he with her. Hows that.

  5. Richard says:

    The divorce lawyer has 1 active case in Broward County with nothing in Miami-Dade court system.

    I’ve seen her twitter in the past and seriously doubt the bio is correct. This is no hot shot lawyer. 1 active case.

    If she is appearing on tv with some high profile case, please clue me into the channel. Possibly there are recent film clips of appearances you could post here? I couldn’t find anything in print media about her.

    She could be advising the CIA how to proceed with WikiLeaks or how to solve the terrorist issue in Africa.

    She looks biracial so the latter might be correct. That;s not an insult, just a comment on how I see her looks.

  6. Richard says:

    When people figure out this lawyer is a fraud the fighting will stop. Some people are very clever at manipulating other people to go over the cliff for them.

    • ridiculous says:

      Oh Ive always said she is a fraud. she went to Satsuma acting like a slut. All of that ended up on this blog is why she had to sue to get it taken down. She had everyone she could find attacking him. They attacked his family is why I think she is more obcessed with him than he is with her. I never saw him go after her children at all but they went after his. when you really really think about it it gets very plain to see.Thats right about getting people to do stuff. thats how it was an is. LOOK AT BILL. She stays away from people who see thru her or has people go after them. Thats her brand.

      • DiamondInTheRough says:

        That is bull. She conducted herself as a professional that was concerned about the welfare of a missing child and his brother. She fought for that child, even more than the family did. You should be ashamed of yourself for the rank defamation and character assassination you are posting here.

        Just because you read something on a blog authored by a pizza delivery man that was fired from his job as a Janitor because he showed up to work smelling you are not very good at discerning credible information vs credible information.

      • ridiculous says:

        Just threw up in my mouth. who do you think you are showing up here on this blog that you sued pestering commenters. Satsuma talked an talked a lot. some things were on this blog we didnt hear from people there but not much. LE talked. Motel people talked. store clerks talked not all of those people are liars kp. I could detail it for you but yu already know it. The only reason you are here is because your friends are reading here. they also know pretending to your face they dont. don’t call people here evil either when you are over top evil. You and Levi Page started the pedophile thing. you yes you have more dead bodies to run from that anyone I know kp an when you are shut up it will be a joy. Listen up kp the dead do come back to life and that keeps you awake at night. It should.

      • ridiculous says:

        I just threw up in my mouth. kp how dare you show up here at a blog you sued pestering commenters. people in Satsuma talked an talked a lot. LE talked. Motel people talked. store clerks talked. not all of those people were liars. we didnt need this blog to hear about your shameful behavior. Dont call people here or anywhere evil. You are evil an have more dead bodies to account for than i have words. You and Levi Page started the pedophile thing so stop the evil stuff. Considering the issues you an him have i would think its a bit dangerous to start a rumor like that. Levi may think hes cute but his voice comes thru crystal clear on those fake phone calls. Thats crazy. Listen up kp the dead do come back to life. That must keep you awake at night.

    • DiamondInTheRough says:

      Who has been manipulated? Name names and stop with throwing out generic BS that you think makes sense.

      If anyone is manipulated it has to be someone so uneducated and ignorant that they would defend a man that comes off like a pedophile conspiracy theorist.

  7. ridiculous says:

    I always like Bill. yes I knew he was an attention seeker, liar, drama queen an lots of things but he was entertaining and nice in some ways but when he took up with the lawyer an started their stuff about radio I was sick. I know some facts about radio and they are facts. I am friends with her best friend for years and she calls her Jett. She knows her last name but wont tell me. she has 3 boys not one. One is a later 20s adult, one is in high school, one in elementarty school. those two are minors. The woman in Georgia isn’t her aunt like she said. I do think radio was born in Missouri like she said but she was adopted and grew up in Colorado. The woman in Georgia is her bio mom. My friend said she said she was a nice person but had been married four or five times so radio thought she had been a slut. thats radio for you. So there ive spilled what I know.

  8. ridiculous says:

    I want to add this. I was so nervous i forgot. I know a lot of people in the forums and on twitter not a single person believes radio did the socks on kp. Not one. Those were terrible lies to beat radio down for telling the truth. People know a lot of things. Like I said that is the kp brand doing that to people.

    • ridiculous says:

      Radio always defnded kp and wouldnt listen to anyone who tried to tell her. I do think she knew but heres what we all think happened in that relationship. radio didn’t like the way kp was treated in the Haleigh Cummings case. didnt think it was fair. She didn’t think her personal life in Satsuma should have been public blog fodder. My friend said radio was never mad at kp only she thought kp had to know who was doing the socks an since radio was getting blasted with the tweets about kp she wanted it to stop an couldnt understand why kp wouldnt stop it. Eventually she thought kp was involved someway like everyone was telling her. I know I’m not supposed to use her name here so hope “kp” doesn’t get anyone in trouble. Anyway we figure and dont quote me on this that if radio feels her real mother is a slut she would be overboard sympathetic to someone she liked even if she thought they were a slut and not want them hurt. Radio would never have said the things on twitter about kp that Ive heard and seen were said. Radio is a mess but not like that. since I started this spill i thought I needed to finish it. Hope it makes sense. Pray for me.

    • Radio and truth are strangers. She was one of the biggest bullies ever to be on the internet. Anyone who defends her is an idiot.

    • Richard says:

      Thank you. This is old stuff. Do you have anything recent?

      I realize you won’t have any film or audio clips of her consulting Pompeo, but anything recent would be appreciated.

      I suspect there is nothing recent?

    • Is the girl in the video Kristina Prevatt? Please advise. This girl and her baby are going to be part of my upcoming case. I’ve got a little sumpn’ sumpn’ to show the Judge about little Ms. Pinocchio. Please advise. Oh yeah – I sure do. Messing with other people’s children.

  9. DiamondInTheRough says:

    The lady you booger eaters are obsessed with is not a slut. She has been married once and the marriage was a long marriage that ended a few years ago. She is a busy lawyer with a busy, thriving practice. In addition she has 3 children that also lead busy, productive lives of academics, sports and other extra curricular activities. She has no time to be a slut and that was true during the Haleigh Cummings case too. She was following up leads, gathering information about anyone and everyone in the case, working with DFACS and police.

    If you people believe these myths you are idiots.

    • ridiculous says:

      If your life was all that you wouldnt be on this blog pissing me off. Who are you trying to fool. you are here saying this stuff because your friends are reading I suspect. They may say this stuff is a lie to your face but they know. Everyone does.

    • Mel says:


    • Diamond. Trying to talk commons sense into these people is a futile effort. They worship a pizza delivery driver that has accused have of the world of mind-boggling crimes yet is unable to provide a shred of evidence. His media empire is nothing but a joke set up to get donations from people stupid enough to send money to him.

    • Mel says:

      Why keep grinding? You and your friend protest a bit too much.

  10. DiamondInTheRough says:

    Why are so many of you people so evil as to defend an obvious pedophile like Timothy Holmseth?

  11. […] Mel commented on Broward County Judge connected to CIA child trafficking operation? […]

  12. (Low profile) high profile attorney = an unknown attorney that is only known for falsely claiming to be well-known.

    Truth – begs the court to assign Pro Bono cases so something, anything at all, will at least show up.

    Truth – makes up fake awards with Photoshop to publish and/or receives mention by groups where you have to pay for the ‘award’.

    Truth – BAR complaints filed by good people that were utterly disgusted by the bizarre level of incompetence.

    Truth – telephone at office NEVER rings – (like in the movie Ghostbusters when they are sitting around bored to tears).

    Truth – stays in bed depressed – wears all black make-up and black clothes and talks about suicide.

    Truth – spouse crawled under neighbor’s house and hooked up electric line to neighbors electricity (not a plug in – literally the main line) because couldn’t pay bill

    Truth – failed Botox surgery gone horribly wrong – disgusting story to gross to tell

    Truth – child almost DIED of MALNUTRITION and was hospitalized – not fed anything nutritious for long period of time – hydrox cookies etc. – child was literally DYING and being ignored

    Truth – goes on Web using multiple accounts – uses one account to ask another account questions such as an enamored fan would ask a movie star – then answers the question using weird contrived modesty such as a movie star does when they assure a fan they are basically just like everyone else (this one is really actually sad and reveals a great deal about the true self-esteem the low profile – high profile attorney).

    Truth – VERY JEALOUS of millionaire ex-friends who have a huge lucrative business and go on big expensive vacations.

    Truth – very poor – bankrupt – broke – constantly begging for money.

  13. DiamondInTheRough says:

    Timothy Charles Holmseth has been declared “chemically dependent” because of all his DUI arrests. He also a rap sheet that includes various felony charges including trespassing.

    Timothy Charles Holmseth has 3 children, all out of wedlock with 3 different women. Funny that you all throw around the word “slut” in regards to a woman, but the real slut is a man by the name of Timothy Holmseth. He probably has a sexually transmitted disease.

    Timothy Charles Holmseth lost his job as a Janitor when he showed up to work without showering.

    This fired Janitor pretends to be a “journalist” online when he really only makes minimum wage delivering pizza at Domino’s.

    #Fraud #STDinfested #FailedJanitor

    Timothy Charles Holmseth also lives in government housing. #Section8 #WhiteTrash

  14. DiamondInTheRough says:

    Timothy Charles Holmseth is real jealous that he cannot afford a home on the beautiful canals down in South Florida. The lawyer that he is so obsessed with… well her pool is bigger than his entire apartment.

  15. ridiculous says:

    what a night. crazy.

  16. DiamondInTheRough says:

    Ridiculous, you must be jealous of a lawyer that graduated Summa Cum Laud from Florida State University. You and the pedophile you worship are trying to diminish her accomplishments in order to feel better at your lackluster lives.

  17. Diamond, here is the thing. In order for the court order to remain in effect, the petitioner, in this case, the unnamed lawyer cannot have any direct contact with the respondent who in this case is Tim.

    She cannot come in here pretending to be someone, for instance, named DiamodIntheRough for it was proven that you are in fact the person who got the court order, it would be null and void immediately. I would think that Tim and his associates would have done their homework and found this little fact out. It is common knowledge that once an order of protection is put into place that ALL parties have to abide by it. If Tim violates the order, he is subject to arrest which explains the current bench warrant.

    IF the lawyer in any way shape or form contacted Tim say through this blog or on any of his social media account she would have nullified the order since she is proving she is secure enough with her safety to contact him even if that is through a sock account.

    Also, anyone who supports Tim could easily start their own blog where they mention her name. None of these people are under any court order of this nature so I do not see what is preventing them from doing just that.

    These people are content to sit back and let Tim take all the risk. NONE of them are willing to take the same risk Tim is taking to name names and provide the proof he seems so desperate to get out there.

    That leads to two scenarios. EIther these people are too selfish and too scared to help Tim solve the problems he talks about on his media sites or there is the second and most likely scenario.

    They truly do not believe what Tim is saying and do not believe in what he is doing. All his supporters are doing is paying him lip service to keep him going.

    If he gets arrested or falls flat on his face, they do not care. They are here for the entertainment and nothing else.

    The gauntlet is being thrown down. Prove me wrong.

    I will:
    Stay Tuned


    • Mel says:

      Work it brother, but it’s still Groundhog Day.

    • ridiculous says:

      Call me topaz. I don’t like dimond and who cares about that drivel. you are doing the same thing youve done for years on your blog.

    • Richard says:

      “All his supporters are doing is paying him lip service to keep him going.”

      Think so brother? You are the one keeping him going with your targeted stalking and harassment which you are blind to. Your left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, So you blunder on. You aren’t exposing him, you are advertising him. You call other people idiots?

  18. What I find funny in this thread is the defense of Radio. She would eviscerate Tim if she were still blogging. She would certainly be harder on Tim than anyone else could. The fact that someone who is supposed to be a supporter of TIm is saying anything favorable about Radio should give TIm a reason to worry.


  19. Richard says:

    After hour trolls are the most amusing of all. The display of cowardice is mind-boggling.

  20. DiamondInTheRough says:

    If anyone comments here telling the truth about the convicted felon Timothy Holmseth they are labeled as being KP. LOL

    Hey, I’d rather be KP than a fan of that mentally deranged POS. KP is a “member in good standing” of the Florida Bar, while Holmseth has a lengthy criminal record and delivers pizza for a living. KP lives in South Florida and has a law practice, meanwhile Timothy lives in a small Midwestern town where everyone from the police to the city officials hate his guts.

    Looks like KP is #winning. Now who is “triggered” bitches?


    • Q: What do Crystal Sheffield and Donald Trump have in common?

      A: They both said “You’re FIRED!”

    • ???? Since you seem to know Radio well you should also remember that she hated Tim with a passion and went after him relentlessly. I have a feeling that Radio is likely in lurk mode and is not entirely off of the interent.
      No matter if she is around or not. The simple fact of the matter is that Radio was the enemy yet Astro turned to her to try and get back at KP.

      It turned out that Astro’s tactic actually made things worse.

      On Well, live and learn.


    • No use trying to talk sense into these brainwashed people. For some weird reason, they think a pizza delivery driver living in public housing is going to solve one of the most high profile cases in recent Florida history. Fools breed fools and Tim has his share of them.


    • Astro says:

      The thing is that some of you are pretty interchangeable at this point. You love sock games and share accounts.

      It is your group that has created countless accounts to target followers of a missing child case that agree with the FBI over you.

      Your use of the word bitches brings Levi Page to mind. He sounds like a total lunatic in calls to Tim.

    • Astro says:

      People from all walks of life are keeping an eye on each and every one of you.

      If people are as stupid and insignificant and you say, then what are you so worried about?

      It really doesn’t matter if Diamond is the dirty attorney, or Alex Goddard, or Levi Page taking turns commenting.

      You are all the same at this point.

      • Mel says:

        KP stopped doing her own commenting. Now Girly Boy shows up. KP must be too depressed. That’s not winning.

        @DiamondInTheRough has a comment by Richard in another thread needing her full attention.

    • Mel says:

      Girly Boy commenting as KP. It’s Girly Boy who is triggered.

      Yes, LOL Girly Boy.

    • Mel says:

      @DiamondInTheRough You like to talk about jobs, so do come back to enlighten us about Groundhog Day’s job and Girly Boy’s job.

      Enlighten us about the jobs within your support group of friends?

  21. Astro says:

    Did Levi Page ever get a psychiatric evaluation?

  22. Astro says:

    If any readers can locate a tape or transcripts of Levi’s appearance with Mr. Werter on National TV to discuss the Haleigh Cummings missing child investigation, please drop off here.

  23. Astro says:

    Where are Dick Tracey and the Indiana P.I?

    There are people here that know who is behind each account.

  24. Astro says:

    Dimbo: A comment can be posted here for any of you and it will get through.

    Observers have seen many lame set up attempts over the years due to your group’s fondness for games.

    The awkward attempts to set both Tim Holmseth and Deric up for violations.

    The accounts used on Tim for that are too numerous to mention. An account used on Deric Lostutter was PoisonousTree.

    If you think your actions and those of YOUR people have escaped notice, you are mistaken.

    You need to take your gang of misfits and hit the road.

  25. DiamondInTheRough says:

    How is the section 8 Housing going Tim? Maybe HUD should be contacted? Why is a convicted felon getting assistance via HUD? Hmmmm

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