Minnesota investigative author under criminal investigation by State of Florida

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Threats to kidnap the grandchild of Timothy Charles Holmseth if he did not remove his websites failed to achieve pain-compliance – so the State of Florida is taking over

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on November 22, 2017, 11:02 A.M. CST

Plan M to cover up the truth about Casey Anthony and an international child sex trafficking operation is underway in Florida.

I, Timothy Charles Holmseth have been notified I am under criminal investigation by the Lighthouse Point Police Department in Broward County Florida with the assistance of Assistant States Attorney Michael J. Satz.

Today, I received a notification from WordPress notifying me that on November 3, 2017 Attorney Satz subpoenaed account and payment information, as well as the identity of the owner of haleighcummingsdot.me.wordpress which is a website I operate.

WordPress was directed to send the information to Detective Andrew Gianio, Lighthouse Point Police Department.

Apparently Attorney Satz and Detective Gianio were Plan M following:

A. Threats to kidnap my grandchild

B. Threats to my daughter

C. Threats to kill me

D. Threats to rape me

E. Attempts to have me fired from my job

F. Threats to have me evicted

G. Attempts to blackmail City of East Grand Forks Attorney Ronald Galstad and Polk County Attorney Greg Widseth to involuntarily commit me into a mental institute

H. Attempts to make me lose custody rights of my child

I. Defame me as being a ‘pedophile’

J. Break into my car (to plant narcotics)

K. Slash my car tire

L. Run my car off the road

I, Timothy Holmseth, am the Petitioner in a court hearing scheduled for December 13, 2017 at 9 A.M. at the Polk County Justice Center in Crookston, Minnesota.

I will be submitting audio recordings to the Minnesota District Court regarding the Casey Anthony case, HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping, and evidence of an international adoption scam I uncovered during interviews with Florida legal community members, as well as Wayanne Kruger, the protégé of Attorney Gloria Allred.

I, Timothy Holmseth, am the Petitioner in a court hearing scheduled for December 13, 2017 at 9 A.M. at the Polk County Justice Center in Crookston, Minnesota.

I will be submitting audio recordings to the Minnesota District Court regarding the Casey Anthony case, HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping, and evidence of an international adoption scam I uncovered during interviews with Florida legal community members, as well as Wayanne Kruger, the protégé of Attorney Gloria Allred.

Unconstitutional ‘Prior Restraint’ used in Minnesota family court to cover-up international adoption scam discovered by journalist

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on November 22, 2017 at 8:58 A.M.

The Minnesota 9th District Court will be provided evidence that international child sex traffickers received cover by the State of Minnesota through false allegations that a local journalist’s (Timothy Charles Holmseth) reporting on a Florida kidnapping case affected the best interest of his child.

No such evidence ever existed but the concept was pushed by Matthew Petrovich, a guardian ad litem that had ‘volunteered’ to be involved in the case free of charge (who later be found to have been in private contact with child traffickers).

Records show that only days after Timothy Holmseth (me) interviewed a shady group of players involved in the Florida kidnapping case of HaLeigh Cummings, Polk County Social Services and the East Grand Forks Police Department became inundated with bogus CPS complaints alleging Timothy Holmseth was ‘obsessed’ with HaLeigh Cummings.

Records show Lt. Detective Rodney Hajicek at the East Grand Forks Police Department began to conspire against Holmseth using his private Gmail account after an attorney’s media agent Art Harris, connected to CNN and Nancy Grace, contacted Hajicek and told him the FBI in Florida was acting on Holmseth’s leads regarding photos of the missing child. Harris told Hajicek, “He’s got to be stopped”.

The conspiracy to shut down Holmseth’ publication and have him arrested was to cover up information Holmseth discovered regarding an international adoption scam and pornography ring involving lawyers, law enforcement, social services, CIA, and FBI.

Contained with the photos shown here is a segment of an affidavit being prepared that will be accompanied by original un-edited audio of interviews Holmseth conducted.

It shows a clip of Holmseth’s interviews with Wayanne Kruger.

Wayanne Kruger is the protégé of Attorney Gloria Allred who was involved behind the scenes with the Casey Anthony and HaLeigh Cummings cases. Allred recently became the attorney for the family of Savanna Greywind who was found murdered by womb raiders her stole her baby.

The court hearing is scheduled for December 13, 2017 at 9 A.M. at the Polk County Justice Center in Crookston, Minnesota.


  1. You failed to fight the original action 7 years ago and now when it is too late you complain? You broke the law and now have to pay the price for doing so.


  2. Twisted says:

    You are getting a free trip to Florida, but not to enjoy the beach and warm weather… you are going to a cell! Clink clink!

  3. I wonder how many people who comment on here is stupid enough to donate to Holmseth.

    • Because I did not know about the account until Astro posted the link

      • Astro says:

        You followed that account before anything was even posted here.

        You are so into numbers you let any sock / attack account follow you.

        You are in with stalkers – bullies – people who harass others.

      • Astro says:

        You are a liar and in with a vicious group of people. You are one of them now.

      • Astro says:

        It seems your friend, @Leona_felding is the one who is obsessed with Tim since that account is following him.

        You were once harassed and bullied by the same group you’re now part of.

        You are no better than any of them and in fact probably worse.

      • I get followers all of the time and sometimes I will follow back without checking to see who it is following me. Unlike YOU I am not paranoid about who is or is not following me. I have no need to lock my account and send out rants in my profile section.

        As far as who follows me or who I am following that really is none of your business.


      • Astro says:

        You’re a liar. Plain and simple. Many will celebrate the downfall of you and your group.

  4. Astro says:

    @Leona_felding: Everyone can see that you’re following Tim’s account. He isn’t following you. It seems you’re the person that is obsessed.


  5. Astro says:

    @leona_felding: Scramble all you want. Delete doesn’t work.

  6. For someone who claims not to be the original Astro, you certainly sound like her.


  7. Breaking news this morning. Word has it that The State of Florida is not the only law enforcement agency investigating Tim Holmseth.


    • Astro says:

      Well, if true, some of your friends also need to be investigated.

    • Astro says:

      So, you rushed right over here to share the news rather than blog it? Wow. Tim should’ve cut you off from commenting here long ago.

      You are less than zero.

    • Astro says:

      You’re now in with a vicious group that has stalked – harassed – bullied – etc. many people over the years.

      You claim you are against such things yet join right up with accounts that are targeting others.

      You really are less than zero.

    • Astro says:

      Many will celebrate the downfall of you and your group.

  8. It will be Tim that will be heading for a downfall and not me. The ONLY reason I am here is that of the false accusations against me. If Tim had left me alone, I would have no reason to be here.

    I am not a member of “the group” as you call them. Nothing has changed in the criticisms I made of certain actions over the years as exampled by my blog where that criticism remains. Since you have declared that you will not be reading my blogs, I guess you will never know that.

    Tim can ban me from commenting on his site if he so pleases. What that will point out, however, is that he is scared of the truth and wants nobody to hear dissenting points of views…


  9. Oh, and by the way, How are you accessing my Twitter account? You are blocked from reading it. Just curious.


  10. Astro says:

    To the dirty attorney in the south that claimed a group of thugs as, HERS:

    If anything happens to anyone you and your little gang are targeting, I suspect there will be hell to pay. Got it?

  11. What I find funny is that Tim Holmseth and Tom Olsen have a lot in common politically. Tom is no “libtard” yet he does not agree with what Tim is writing here or in his books.


  12. Astro says:

    To the dirty attorney in the south: Why is one of YOUR people harassing Tim on Twitter?

  13. Astro says:

    Why is @prinniedidit harassing Tim and calling him a pervert when she once claimed to have done the following?

    Once, a guy in town tried to force himself on a friend of hers, so Goddard devised a retaliatory scheme. They lured the man to her house under the pretext of having sex, and, after he took off his clothes, “I had a bottle of habanero sauce we used at the bar for wing night, and I lightly basted his junk,” Goddard said. In her recollection, they threw him out on the street, naked, in the cold. “It was snowing like hell, and he had to walk a very long way,” she said.


    • And why is Tim Holmseth ignoring the actions of Trump and Moore?


      • Astro says:

        Why are you covering for one of your own that claimed to have lured a man and violated him using a hot sauce bottle?

        Each and every one of you has displayed how perverted you really are.

      • Astro says:

        Why are you covering for one of your own that once offered a sexual favor in exchange for doing harm to you?

      • Astro says:

        Why are you covering for one of your own that is a stalker and made threatening calls to Tim?

      • Astro says:

        Why are you covering for the seriously disturbed individual that you thugs take orders from?

      • Astro says:

        Why are you covering for the foul mouthed degenerate that attacked anyone the seriously disturbed individual you thugs take orders from had a problem with?

  14. I am not covering for anyone. I am here to address the false accusations against me. Like I have said a dozen times before, if Tim had not brought me into his little fantasy world, I would have completely ignored him. Lying about me was his biggest mistake.


  15. For someone who is supposed to be good at figuring things out, I am surprised you missed this one. The person who sold me the copy of Tim’s book figured out by my live streams where I have been going most of the time. That person happened to be able to go to the airport where I was waiting for my contact to covertly hand over the book. The person wanted me to go after not only tim but Levi, Kim and others as well. Now put on your thinking cap and figure all of this out.


    • Astro says:

      I don’t really care how you got the book or what that person urged or voiced about me.

      From what I understand, when someone asked you if you’d gotten the book from the kidnapper, your response was that you’d received enough information over the years to feel Haleigh was deceased and also mentioned a cinderblock with rope attached.

      Yet when asked shortly after that exchange what you thought happened to Haleigh, you responded that IF she were deceased that you felt a family member or someone close to her did it?

      Which is it?

      Do you really think your tweet showing an older man chasing a young child was in good taste? Who in your group joined in on that and thought it was funny?

      I really don’t care what you or the person you got the book from thinks of me, okay?

      • ridiculous says:

        No one cares where or how he got a book or what he thinks about it because he has been playing this big man undercover crazy stuff for years. one time he said when he heard it was going to get banned so he bought it before it could be with all the names in it like Tim wrote it. another example of what a liar Bill is an he is. always clowning an think people believe an respect him.

  16. Oh, and that person does not care much for the original Astro either.


  17. Astro says:

    Didn’t you always consider the case open due to no body or confession? What changed? The wind direction?

    • I do not know for certain who it is that sold me the book. Considering where I got the book, it is fairly obvious who I got it from.

      Next, As of this year, I firmly believe that Haleigh is deceased and likely her body was thrown into the St. John’s river. Because of Florida wildlife that lives in the river, it is likely her remains will never be found.

      It is a common practice of law enforcement to leave a case open until there is a confession or sufficient evidence to charge someone with a crime if law enforcement concludes one happened.

      The problem with Tim’s conspiracy theory is that he has named so many suspects, it is hard to keep track of how many and the alleged crimes of each.

      The more people involved in a conspiracy, the more likely someone is going to either make a mistake or “spill the beans.” If this happens it is NOT going to be a pizza delivery driver that gets the information.

      Tim and the rest of you have broken a cardinal rule of investigation “avoid a rush to judgment.” Tim came to a hurried conclusion as to what he thinks happened to Haleigh and has not changed his position in almost a decade.

      Tim’s habit of falsely accusing people of things they did not say or do has damaged his reputation as an investigative reporter.

      The only supporters Tim has are the dozen or so that worship him here and on Facebook.


      • Astro says:

        No idea why you’re making such a big deal out of this book when it seems it was available on Amazon.

        It is clear who you are associated with.

    • The last I checked both the Trenton Duckett and Haleigh Cummings cases remain open. This is Florida law enforcement policy.


  18. First, I am not the voice of anyone but myself. All I want here is to defend myself from the lies put forth by both YOU and Tim Holmseth. I am not presenting myself to be other than someone who got caught up in Tim’s fantasy world against my will. You forget once again that I defended Tim’s right to voice his theories and paid a huge price for it.

    I do not care what you think of the others or me for that matter. I speak only for myself and nobody else.

    As for the book. Tim is basing his claims that he is unable to reveal his “secret” evidence because of the court order that is in place. This is a lie since, so far, everything that is in the banned book is out there on his blog and Youtube accounts.

    Tim is a fraud and you are too blind in your hate to realize that. There will come a day when the evidence mounts up to the point where you will be forced to understand that you were scammed once again.


    • ridiculous says:

      If you are here to defend your reputation then defend it an stop arguing with other posters here. Show everyone how it is that tim has lied about you i guess you have notheing to do on your blog so that is why you are here. Bill youve let your new friends take you on the ride of your life. you are in more hot water an despised then youve ever been and you know it.

    • ridiculous says:

      Bill is here because kp likes watching tim be given a hard time slandered all the time. Fact crazy as it is

      • Astro says:


      • KP does not need me to watch Tim. She has a staff at her legal firm to do that for her. I do not have constant contact with her and I am not working for her or on her behalf.

        As far as the book is concerned. I was not interested in the book until recently. I did not buy the book before it was banned.

        You can claim anything you want about who you think Radio is and so forth. Proving it is a whole different matter.

        I have heard people say all kinds of things about who they think Radio is but came forward with no proof at all.

        Radio is old news. She is an old relic. Her blog is dead and so is her twitter account.

      • ridiculous says:

        Bill you are mad because they rode you hard an grabbed your pussy. if you knew where she lived kp would fly you out there so you could stream her house. crazy.

      • ridiculous says:

        I also was told fact she meant to be done a long time ago when she was quiet then kp said she had done socks against her so you made your own problem.

  19. ridiculous says:

    Im going to pour a truck of gas on Bills biggest fire an watch the explosion. the pic you promoted out as radio wasnt her. Ive seen pics of her an my friend together with their kids. they have visited in each other homes over the years an my friend knows what she saw an she said radio told her the pic was a neighbor lasdy of her moms. I know Radio has told whopper lies about where she live an lots of stuff if she hadnt you would have all her kids all over twitter probably her minors to. My frenid an her two girls have been at radios home several times and it isnt in Georgia. Bill you told people for years kp was doing the socks about herself but when you got the chance to go after radio you took it. you mad a big old mistake in your choices of new friends. No one can understand for the life how you cant see that. My friend said radio usees fake ips so the ones you posted every where are fake and you dont know the difference. My friend told me last week radio wasnt gone from the internet like you have said here she just isnt playing with your group anymore an thats fact. crazy as goose eggs to.

  20. Astro says:

    Would a dozen supporters explain the 228 views Tim’s videos have gotten so far today?

    • What matters is that Radio has stopped her games with me. I do not give a flying “f” who she is or what she is doing now.

      If she ignores me I will ignore her.


    • IF the same person views the video more than one, each view will be a new one and increase the count. I would suspect that some of the viewers are law enforcement investigating Holmseth.

      Again, I do not care if Tim gets 10,000 views. All I have wanted is for him to take the stuff of me down. But since he will not, I will have to deal with the situation.


      • Astro says:

        It could also be due to law enforcement investigating people other than Tim.

        Either way, the videos seem of interest to more than a dozen people.

        Did you expect Tim to sit on what people like Wayanne & Cobra were telling him?

  21. Astro says:

    Would a lowly dozen also explain the 518 views on November 15th?

    Who rushed to judgment? Who is in a cult or worships someone?

  22. Astro says:

    Murt is trying so hard to portray people and things in a certain way.

  23. Astro says:

    Murt never wanted to hear anything bad about the attorney and always wanted to blame Radio for things.

    Radio was NOT behind the sock accounts especially ones that acted in a sleazy manner.

    It is the people that Murt is in with that are still playing games on Twitter.

    Hello @leona_felding!

    • Tim should be REAL concerned about those who are defending Radio. She was in league with those in the so called group who attacked Tim for years. It is because of Radio that I am in the position I am in. Had I not started defending Tim, she never would have attacked me.

      Also, remember that Tim started attacking me right in the middle of me defending him.


  24. Astro says:

    Wonder if Murt has a comment about the mental state of Levi Page when he made phone calls to Tim.

    • I do not condone this kind of calls and strongly object to them. Tim on the other hand condones these kinds of calls when they suit his purposes.


      • Astro says:

        Well, it is nice to see you say that you don’t condone Levi making threatening calls to Tim.

        Tim condones them when they suit his purposes? I can’t imagine anyone wanting to receive a threatening call from a lunatic.

  25. Astro says:

    Any comments, Murt?

    • I do not condone the calls and this is one of the things that cost me when I took people to task making them. So what does Tim do? He posts the same kind of calls made to me. I do not see him criticizing those calls.

  26. ridiculous, you chose your name well for that is what you are. Once again. I do not care who Radio is or if she is or is not on the internet. My goal as far as it is concerned has been accomplished for now.

    Also, once again, you can make all the claims you want but none of your claims matter if you cannot prove them. You could accuse Trump of being Radio but would need to prove it.

    I find it interesting that you would defend Radio here considering how badly it treated Tim. Radio has never apologized to Tim for what it did to him.

    The fact that both you and whoever the current Astro is, is defending Radio is a betrayal to Tim, in the same way, you accusing me of Turning to Kim.

    You are all nothing more than hypocrites and Tim is too stupid to see that.

    Oh, and as far as all the so-called evidence goes, there is absolutely nothing on Tim’s blog that a: is different than what he has written about for almost a decade and B: nothing that is admissible in any court. Virtually everything is hearsay. Everyone on those recordings would have to appear in court and swear under oath as to the content of the recordings.

    Tim is nothing more than a pizza delivery driver that runs a blog and youtube account. He does not have the resources to solve anything.


    • ridiculous says:

      Bill youve got your apples an oranges mixed up. maybe dropped them on the floor. crazy.

    • ridiculous says:

      I never said I knew who radio was because i don’t know her full name but i do know fact she doesnt live where you say an the pic wasnt her. Thats what I said. stop being so crazy with your clowning.

      • Well, once again. You can claim what you want but until you prove what you say, it is meaningless. I could say that I met Radio personally but it would not matter a hill of beans if I cannot prove it.

        Several people have claimed to have met and talked to her. The Original Astro even claimed she was in Palatka at one time and the original Astro even claimed once that she was KP.

        People have even claimed Radio was a shared account that everyone used. Again, no proof from anyone to back up these accusations.



      • ridiculous says:

        You have a lot a proof her mom lives in Georgia guess thatll have to do. crazy clowning.

      • ridiculous says:

        All of that work an drama you did an still didnt bingo. crazy funny.

    • ridiculous says:

      I also said the ips you posted are fake because my friend said that. she calls them drop ins an i don’t know what they are. thats what i have said.

      • Well, once again, you keep saying things but cannot back one single thing you say with proof. You can keep making all of the claims you want but until you come up with concrete proof, nothing you say matters.

        Once again, I do not care who she is. She is a relic of the past.


      • ridiculous says:

        Talk about relics you completely have ruined your blog with days weeks months about her and now its days weeks months about Tim. Nobody enjoys your clowning Bill an you are a bigger relic cause you didnt step away you dived in an made a fool out of yourself.

      • ridiculous says:

        nothing sadder than a relic thinking its still alive an thats you Bill. relic clown. crazy to.

    • ridiculous says:

      an you are nothing more than an old man driving cars in circles.

    • Astro says:

      How do you know Radio never apologized to Tim? If you don’t know about it, does that mean it didn’t happen? No one here has to get your approval on every move they make.

      You didn’t have a problem with Radio many years ago when you thought following that account would help you gain followers and increase your online popularity.

      It has nothing to do with betrayal. It has to do with knowing who was really behind the sick things that went on here.

      Radio did people a HUGE favor speaking up about the dirty attorney. You are the one that has enabled the seriously disturbed individual and encouraged some of the sick things to continue.

      Every time you use the term, pizza delivery driver, I can’t help but think of Mrs. Fields Cookies.

      • I have always had a problem with Radio. You seem to forget that the main reason I criticized Radio was over the way she treated the Caylee warriors. Radio published the name and address of some of them and even tried to get a woman here in Florida fired from her law enforcement position. Her attacks against Tim came well after my criticism of her blog and only made matters worse.

        You certainly are not the original Astro since you have forgotten a lot about the history of Radio and her blog as well as the lives she touched and destroyed over the years.

        As for the pizza delivery driver reference. That is exactly what TIm is. He finally has started referring to himself as a FORMER investigative reporter since he is no longer affiliated with any media organization.

        Because of this, he has literally no resources to either solve a missing child case or garner evidence to indicate how may be involved.

        All he is doing is speculating and doing so in a reckless manner.

        You are also a hypocrite for you support Radio because she abandoned her allies yet criticize me for what you think I have done in regards to those I continue to support.

        Radio is not the kind of person who apologizes to anyone and Tim would be the last person she would do so unless she has an ulterior motive to lure him into some kind of game she might be playing.

        Anyone who believes that Radio is turning over a new leaf is a fool.


  27. Well, since I am 67 years old, I guess you can call me an old relic. I paid a huge price for defending Tim and others. That is the way it goes sometimes.


  28. My blog is primarily a hobby which contains what is of interest to me. If nobody reads it, that is their choice.


  29. Once again I am not here for KP but you are too stupid to understand that.


    • ridiculous says:

      That hobby stuff is a lie for cover because you have always wanted to be mr who it is on the internet. everbody knows that to. more lies more clowning. go home an comment on your busy blog. crowds of your fans are waiting for you.

    • Astro says:

      Is anyone from here going to your place – arguing with – insulting your commenters?

    • Astro says:

      Leave people alone.

      • A GOOD journalist would have checked out the statements to see if they were true and not act upon them without doing so or at least give a disclaimer that these were merely accusations currently not backed up by the facts.

        Someone hurling accusations around does no good without verifiable facts that would stand up in court. Nothing Tim has brought forward does that.

        If people chose to believe Tim’s theories, that is their prerogative but I choose not to.


  30. ridiculous says:

    Crazy morning. To much clowning.

  31. Astro says:

    No idea why Murt continues to come here.

    Astro was in Palatka?

  32. Astro says:

    Murt needs to leave people here alone and go play on Twitter with his friends, @prinniedidit, @leona_felding and the rest of the group.

    • You would prefer that Tim be able to hurl false accusations around with no accountability. Life does not work that way. Tim did not leave ME alone. He brought me into his fantasy world long before any alleged defection that I have been accused of. My so-called alliance with KP and others happened just a year ago. Tim has been making false accusations against me for years.

      I do not understand this blind devotion to Tim but then again he seems to attract some rather odd supporters. Reminds me of a phrase he constantly uses in his book.


  33. Also, the Astro account has been making unwanted contact with people who follow me on Twitter causing them to unfollow me in order to put a stop to the harassment.


  34. ridiculous says:

    heres what ive been told about alliances an such is radio hung in there after the big blow an kept taunting kp cause she wanted people to see how far an how vicious kp really was so when kp got the bullyville people with her and they went after radio I was told radio rejoiced an said she was thrilled that everybody could now see kp was a viper with no morals. i guess radio knew because of the way Tim was attacked an radio knew all about how it was done an stuff an i was also told by my friend she had no regrets at all. thats radio for you. crazy.

  35. ridiculous says:

    after the bullyville people went after her she acted like she had won the lottery an thats how crazy radio really is. I dont know her personaly just followed her blog for years and my friend is her best friend for years an years.

  36. Radio was a coward who hid her identity out of shame for what she did.


    • Astro says:

      Leave Radio and all others alone. You have a blog. Use it rather than come over here and give people a hard time.

      • Leave Radio alone? After what she did to me and the Caylee supporters> You are truely out of your mind. Also do not forget it was Radio that impersonated the original Astro’s husbnd ( Susan’s) and nearly caused her to have a breakdown or at least that is what she claimed.

        I will never, ever forgive Radio and if I ever find out who she really is there will be a price to pay. And it will be through legal channels.


  37. Mel says:

    The better person always walks away from a toxic situation, while in this case the lesser person joins Bullyville and is worse off than they were to begin with.

  38. Well, this is interesting. Either Tim Holmseth has changed into a female or he has lied about knowing how to use text to speech and voice altering software.


  39. Explain how you suddenly became an expert in this kind of technology after mocking me about it being available http://murtwitnessonelive.com/2017/11/tim-holmseth-exposes-himself-as-a-text-to-speech-software-expert/


    • Astro says:

      You’d like to think people are scared rather than simply annoyed with you and your friends.

      For someone that has played a role in many things that have gone on you have a lot of nerve demanding answers from anyone.

      It is clear who is working together.

    • Astro says:

      Explain how you became the voice for the dirty attorney.

      • I am not the voice for anyone but myself. Once again, If Tim were to take down the false accusations against me I would not be here. Since he refuses to do that….

        He will have to account for his actions.


    • Astro says:

      Explain when you finally lost your spine. Explain how you know the IronTroll guy. Explain how you go into conferences with various individuals to get your next set of instructions.

      Explain why you are so concerned about what is going on here rather than handle your grievances through proper legal channels.

      Explain why you’ve out so much time and energy into trying to scare people off from commenting here.

  40. Mel says:

    Murtaugh blogged Bullyville’s fail dox of Newz. It’s all over his blog. Murtwitnessonelive is a Bullyville blog.

    • There is one weak spot in your claim that Radio is not the person named by Grock. Radio claimed the woman was her aunt. This is rather odd since a check indicates that the woman had no niece. Now let that sink in.

      As for the Grock report being in Bullyville, I would not know because I made a point to avoid the website.



      • Astro says:

        You seem rather obsessed with Radio for some reason. Who would trust a check conducted by you or one of your friends anyway?

        You didn’t have to visit the Bullyville website to know about certain people and things.

      • Mel says:

        I was just passed information you commented on the Bullyville blog about Newz. Bullyville’s website ran the fail dox and you commented. Bullyville bought domains in the name of the woman in Ga and you are a part of that. You are dirty man, you are dirty. So, stop with your lying explanations.

      • Mel says:

        You are not worth the time anyone has invested in you here. You are a disgusting man.

      • Mel says:

        And it’s a lock on the fact South Florida attorney KP is the nasty skank people have said she is and have said it for years. I personally didn’t think it could be this bad but it is. The proof is all over the place. The fail dox stated quite clearly it was being done on her behalf.

      • ridiculous says:

        My friend says radio doesnt call her mom or mother irl so what do you expect Bullyville Bill. i asked if radio liked her and she said its hard to tell with radio she never says either way. thats radio for you. crazy.

  41. Mel says:

    It’s insane for Murtaugh to be here pretending to be a justice warrior now that this is known.

  42. Mel says:

    Murtaugh you are filthy goods.

  43. Astro says:

    Leave Radio alone? After what she did to me and the Caylee supporters> You are truely out of your mind. Also do not forget it was Radio that impersonated the original Astro’s husbnd ( Susan’s) and nearly caused her to have a breakdown or at least that is what she claimed.

    I will never, ever forgive Radio and if I ever find out who she really is there will be a price to pay. And it will be through legal channels.



    Listen up you little lightweight!

    You and the rest of the Caylee supporters followed Radio knowing what Haleigh Cummings case followers were going through. None of you gave a damn when you thought being connected to Radio would help you.

    As far as the family impersonation matter, it was you that claimed it was Alex Goddard. You played both sides here for a long time pretending to be a good guy with connections that was fighting evil.

    You are a liar and have been caught in too many to count. As far as Radio, anyone intelligent enough to keep the dirty attorney from being able to identify them is probably not too concerned about you.

    You act like you don’t know about the dirty attorney’s connection to Bullyville when there has been a clear association for quite some time.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you, the dirty attorney, and that IronTroll guy didn’t know each other in real life and get together in Florida.

    The IronTroll guy featured the piece on Radio.

    You want to act big like you’re jetting all over the place meeting people in airports to get copies of books. You want to act like you are so connected law enforcement or anyone reputable would confide in you when nothing could be further from the truth.

    No one is scared of anything, simply fed up with you and your friends.

  44. Astro says:

    Murt has probably partied with IronTroll.

  45. Mel says:

    William Murtaugh is a Bullyville troll.

  46. ridiculous says:

    Bullyville William “Bill” “murt” Murtaugh. all his years he comes to this you know youre a failure when you hit that button. crazy. kp crazy.

    • Astro says:

      I hope to see them all in a courtroom as defendants one day.

      • Mel says:

        With all Murtaugh has on his blog and no doubt his twitter tl it would be a good case for the woman in Ga to pursue for harassment and stalking. I assume she doesn’t know him and has never done anything to him.

        Bullyville Billy Murtaugh

  47. ridiculous says:

    whats really sick to all of us is we never saw kp an radio have a spat. we saw kp go straight to bullyville person an it started an radio didnt say anything in public for a long tie it seemed. Bill had said for years kp was doing twitters on herself an he knew radio had to know tt so he was mad at radio for that to. What no one gets is why go straight on to bullyville because they ruin people thats what they do if you are innocent. Why not work it out before you do that an thats when we all knew radio did know an kp really was doing the socks about herself. those two had been friends for a long time an then out of the blue kp is having bullyville try to ruin radio. i guess radio saw the dox thing she knew they didn’t have her couldnt find her anyway if they wanted but thats when everyone was shocked kp would stoop so low but most werent shocked because kp likes nasty talk about hersellf even if she has to do it herself. crazy crazy. Bill cant accept radio left them at the curb and is another person doing a different thing. shes in his head an rent free as they say. now hes exposed as bullyville and kp to so i wonder if they think all they did was worth it. That whole group are bullyville.

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