UPDATE: EMERGENCY with Deb Matheny “Jeff Sessions…HELP ME!”

Posted: January 10, 2018 in Uncategorized
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U.S. A.G. Jeff Sessions

– Deb Matheny / American Patriot / Whistleblower

I received a video message from Deb Matheny today. Her situation is dire and life threatenng. See You Tube below. I asked Deb back in December to set up a Pay Pal but she cannot for various reasons. If you wnt to help Deb simply send the money to me at my Pay Pal and I will drive to Hibbing and give it to her. I will video documnet my actions to prove I gave ger the money.

Give all the love that you have in your soul…

– B. Springsteen / This is Your Sword



    • Jane Doe says:


      Tim went out of his way to help you and it ended up costing him more than what was donated on your behalf. It sounds like you might owe him some money after that stunt. Plenty of people have lost loved ones or suffered misfortune and don’t act like you do. You come across as very rude and ungrateful.

  1. Jane Doe says:


    Tim has responded to you at least once on Twitter when he told you he’d pray for you. I can’t imagine anyone even wanting to help such a rude ungrateful person such as yourself.

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