District Judge sends attorney misconduct allegations to state investigator for review

July 11, 2013; East Grand Forks, Minnesota: East Grand Forks City Attorney Ronald Galstad, and Michael Lacoursiere, a public defender for the 9th Minnesota judicial district, face formal judicial review of their conduct. The two attorneys are accused of coercing a Defendant to plead no-contest, under threat of false conviction via perjured testimony by uniformed police officers. According to Timothy Charles Holmseth, author, East Grand Forks, Lacoursiere told him that Galstad would call Sgt. Detective Chris Olson, EGF PD, and Polk County Deputy Jesse Haugen to lie on the witness stand if Holmseth insisted on a jury trial.

On July 9, 2013 Judge Tamara L. Yon, 9th Minnesota District, forwarded the formal Complaint submitted to the Court by Holmseth to the Minnesota Lawyer’s Professional Responsibility Board in accordance with:

Rule 8(b), Rules on Lawyers Professional Responsibility, states,

No investigation shall commence on a complaint by or on behalf of a party represented by court appointed counsel, insofar as the court appointed attorney alleges incompetent representation by the attorney in the pending matter. Any such complaint shall be summarily dismissed with without prejudice. The Director’s dismissal shall inform the complainant that the complaint may be sent to the chief district judge or trial court judge involved in the pending matter. The Judge may, at any time, refer the matter to the Director for investigation.

Holmseth alleges that several members of the local legal community, collectively harassed him and attempted to set him up, after he first reported the local corruption to the Minnesota Bar and FBI.

On December 14, 2012 the EGF PD violently entered Holmseth’s home-office with a Search Warrant and seized his computer and hard-drive. Holmseth was required to withdraw his first complaint against the officials, in an agreement to have his property returned. When his hard-drive was returned; it had been ruined.

The detailed time-line of events submitted by Holmseth to the District Judge contains information that indicates at least one member of the Minnesota Public Defender’s Office is actively coordinating with a State Prosecutor and local police to frame Defendants.

On December 14, 2013, moments before entering Holmseth’s home-office, four EGF PD officers, including Sgt. Detective Chris Olson, stood quietly outside the door of Holmseth’s home-office, while, simultaneously, Attorney Michael Lacoursiere telephoned Holmseth to discuss intimate details of his legal case. Detective Aeisso Schrage, with his ear to Holmseth’s door, later quoted Holmseth in his official report – attempting to incriminate him.

Because Holmseth had already become suspicious of Lacoursiere, he recorded the phone call, and the recording proves Detective Schrage quoted Holmseth, using actual quotation marks and all caps, saying words that were absolutely never spoken.

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