East Grand Forks hiding seedy underbelly?

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East Grand Forks hiding seedy underbelly?

Hajicek and Olson named in federal civil rights lawsuit in 2009

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Court records show allegations by Timothy Charles Holmseth that his civil rights were violated by the East Grand Forks Police Department (EGFPD) have been brought against the same officers in the past.

In 2009 Rose Mary Delgado sued Lt. Rodney Hajicek and Officer Chris Olson of the EGFPD for violating her civil rights.

Records from the United States Court of Appeals with the Eighth Circuit allege in part: “Hajicek violated her fourth amendment rights because he materially misled the Polk County Court, leading to the issuance of a warrant for her arrest”.

In 2013 the same officers were reported to the FBI, as well as being material participants in a Complaint submitted to the Minnesota Lawyer’s Board.

The propensity for misconduct by the EGFPD is detailed in an extensive Affidavit that was reviewed by a District Judge of the Ninth Minnesota District.

On July 9, 2013 Honorable Tamara Yon granted a request by Timothy Charles Holmseth, to forward a detailed complaint to the Office of Lawyer’s Professional Responsibility; in accordance with an official rule.

Rule 8(b), Rules on Lawyers Professional Responsibility, states,
No investigation shall commence on a complaint by or on behalf of a party represented by court appointed counsel, insofar as the court appointed attorney alleges incompetent representation by the attorney in the pending matter. Any such complaint shall be summarily dismissed with without prejudice. The Director’s dismissal shall inform the complainant that the complaint may be sent to the chief district judge or trial court judge involved in the pending matter. The Judge may, at any time, refer the matter to the Director for investigation.

Although the Delgado lawsuit claimed only the violation of her Fourth Amendment rights, the violations against Holmseth piled up over several years of blatant and gross misconduct and included infringement of the following:
◾First Amendment – Freedom of Speech / Press
◾Second Amendment – Right to Bear Arms
◾Fourth Amendment – Search and Seizure / Search Warrants
◾Fifth Amendment – Right to Due Process
◾Seventh Amendment – Trial by Jury

View Delgado Court Document

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