by Timothy Charles Holmseth on October 9, 2016, 08:35 A.M. CST

Donald Trump has been targeted by organized crime that has repeatedly used his telephone number to threaten a journalist and FBI witness.

Timothy Charles Holmseth, investigative journalist, began receiving threatening calls from telephone numbers listed to The Trump Organization and Mar-A-Lago Resort in March, 2016 – the most recent threat was yesterday.


Holmseth contacted Trump’s attorney, Michael D. Cohen, on September 26, 2016 to alert him that somebody using Trump’s telephone number was committing felonies and federal crimes.

Holmseth recently published a never-before-seen written confession by a person claiming to have murdered JonBenet Ramsey. The sick confession entitled ‘Two Is Too Young To Die’ appeared briefly on the Barnes & Nobles website before it was removed. The confession has been reported to Boulder Police and the FBI.

The call made to Holmseth last night by a person using voice changing software was listed to Trump’s Florida resort.

“You are hereby forbidden to mention the following names on your website. If you do you will face consequences. Never mention Donna Wagoner, Pam Bondi, Levi Page, Marco Rubio, Jeremiah Regan, Tina Church . . . John Regan, William Murtaugh, Alexandria Goddard, Chelsea Hoffman, Dominic Piscitello, John Merchant, Peggy  Cone”.

Piscitello, Merchant, and Cone were all detectives at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office in Florida and worked the still unsolved case of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

Wagoner was interviewed by the FBI based upon a tip from Holmseth.

John Regan told multiple people during the HaLeigh Cummings kidnapping investigation that he was an agent with both the FBI and CIA.

Holmseth provided evidence to the FBI and Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Department of Children and Families that John Regan and a group of public officials secretly photographed HaLeigh Cummings naked.

“You are to delete all reference to them on your website and you are hereby forbidden to mention them again,” the caller said.

* * * * *

Timothy Charles Holmseth
320 17th Street N.W. 
Unit# 17
East Grand Forks, MN 
218.230.1597 (cell)

In Re: National Security / JonBenet Ramsey

September 26, 2016

Michael D. Cohen 
502 Park Avenue 
New York, New York 

Attorney Cohen,

I am an investigative journalist and the Plaintiff in HOLMSETH V. CITY OF GRAND FORKS ET AL. – District of North Dakota – 3:16-cv-303 – – – this Memo is in reference to:

  1. Threatening telephone calls I have received from telephone numbers listed to ‘The Trump Organization’ ‘Mar-A-Lago Club’ ‘Florida Governor Rick Scott’ ‘Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’  ‘Republican National Committee’ ‘CNN Denver Bureau’ among many others.

  1. Written confession I obtained that was authored by the person that tortured and murdered JonBenet Ramsey in 1996.

Whoever is making these calls and online communications, which are recorded, have threatened to kill me; harm my children; and kidnap my grand daughter. The callers taunt me online with assurances the local police will never help me.

I contact Mr. Trump today to alert him to these facts and circumstances because the people using Mr. Trump’s name are connected to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Children in our country are being kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by operatives of this satanic shadow government cult and escape prosecution based upon ‘National Security’ (such as in the JonBenet Ramsey case).

Enclosed is a disc containing the confession from JonBenet’s killer, which was published online at Barnes and Noble under the title “Two Is Too Young To Die” before it was removed. I provided it to the Boulder Police Department and Denver FBI.

I am asking Mr. Trump to read “Two Is Too Young To Die” in advance of a Trump Administration and new U.S. Attorney General.

Respectfully yours,
Timothy Charles Holmseth

Enclosed: Disc / Two Is Too Young To Die / Letter to Denver FBI







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  2. Astro says:

    The thugs need to stop playing games.

    • The Owl says:

      I find this harrassing, deviously planned and an outright threat by people who think they can silence anyone of freedom of speech. I may not agree on some journalistic views, including the long gone, Nancy Grace. She did not only take sides and create her own gang; but also lead to two suicides when they appeared on her show. Not to mention how she treated Crystal Sheffield. I saw that coming since she already sought out Misty…not Ron. She plans her attacker before she put a story on her show.

      Least we not forget, Crystal, was a very young teen not knowing the ways of the world. Her choices as a young teen could be your own children.

      I have banned many TV shows that spew hatred or people that try to sway my own opinion that I’ve clearly researched on my own.

      These morons have no self worth nor a loving cell in their body.

      They are abusing our God given rights and Americans rights to freedom of thought.

      Lawyers, big corperations, doctors, elites, politicians, satanic cults, KKK, and the underground Joe creating this Country to live in fear of the media or whom they voted for by creating a point in hopes their name, such as Weiner, hide vital information from the public due to the extraordinary cost for victims of abuse by the very people whom run our country. Tim is not doing that. He exposes those whom have terrorized his own website and family. Clearly if one does not believe his sources or journalistic investigations, don’t read it. These people are living in a bubble of vengeance without merit and harbor hate without discipline.

      What happened with “In God We Trust?” Our Constitution that also states “Freedom of speech” as long as it’s not used for defamation or cheap tabloids that invades those who are innocent. May I remind those who don’t understand. We must expose all evil of those who are of Ill thought and carry out Ill intentions. People who make statements that a baby will be kidnapped, as in Tim’s case are very ill and this is something that should be taken seriously by the authorities. Once exposed, a jury of 12 will hold your fate in their hands.

      Men and woman world wide have spoken. We need our Country and journalists to expose a viable source and allow our government to investigate the actions of those who partake in bullying, harrassing, online terror, hacking with intent to kidnap and speak with such satanic tongue.

      I do not believe everything I read, but, I will stand up and take a stand. He did not ask to be famous nor desired to write about the sickness we see on TV that is rarely spoken about. He did a favor by a thug who wanted acceptance and fame. You, the people called him. Giving information or just to get info.

      In 1994, my daughter was on roller blades outside. I taught her about pedophiles and strangers. A man pulled her and her friend over in a car trying to lure them into the car using a fake story. Tim is the only one still getting calls.

      I have seen much hate and I’m very disappointed that the corruption will only further itself the longer it is exposed. The truth shall set you free? Sadly, people have now gone numb to sex scandals and child slavery, exchanges, cybersex on kids, young teens that leads to kidnappings,slavery and death.

      I pledge my commitment to seek justice should it arrive and expose the immature reality these people whom claim to “know” for fact. And,not just a concocted story to harm our lives, children’s lives and our families that carry on the fight of Freedomy, liberty and justice for all.

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